The Acts of Life (Part II)

April 07, 2015

The National Gallery

Continuing our tour through your life in events form, we now find you (happily) married and excited for your life ahead. But which acts will you most enjoy now that you’re settled into your comfy chair and weekend trips to Ikea? Don’t worry, we can help you out.


 No pressure, but you should be making a good impression here. For the first or second anniversary (Paper and Cotton, if you’re wondering), perhaps you may take in a walk around the Science Museum during a trip to London, see a circus and then enjoy at night at the Connaught. Of course, if you’re looking at wanting to wow your guests by hosting a big party, there isn’t much that will beat Heliosphere. As you admire this brilliant act, a friend walks over and enquires about hearing the patter of tiny feet from afar...



 There really are no rules to being a parent. Everyone just learns as they go along, typing a problem into Google to see how other people dealt with today’s particular parenting difficulty (why isn’t the naughty step working anymore?!) Although you threaten to cancel the birthday party, you must admit that you’re sort of excited for it too. Especially for Frehd the children’s entertainer and you fully expect the Lightwalkers to go down a storm.

The Empty Nest

 Oh no! They were here for eighteen years and then off they go to begin their own journey in life. What happened? The house sounds so quiet without them... But that need not be the case! You now have so much free time! How about going to see a fascinating talk by Alain de Botton or some comedy by Alan Davies? Failing that, you can literally do anything now remember so book at the Ritz and why not learn to play the Fire Tuba?



 How did this happen? The first date stage of life still feels so recent and the wedding was only a few years ago, wasn’t it? But no, now your children are all grown up, their wedding – which featured the wonderful Balanas Sisters and The Symphonics – was spectacular and you’ve just heard the news that you are to be grandparents. We’re sure you want to be the ‘cool’ grandparent and not the old fuddy-duddy (yes, it’s a word) so why not suprise your grandchildren with Living Topiary next time they think you’re pruning the hedge? Or perhaps teach them some football skills or street dance? But put that aside for now, as you’re all set to take your entire family to a rather wonderful shadow show by Evolve.

 Ah, life. There’s nothing quite like it.




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By Henry Fosdike