The Acts of Life (Part I)

March 30, 2015

Events are an intriguing proposition. Depending on the stage at which you are at in life, certain acts may be perfectly suited to you. Others perhaps less so. You’re hardly likely to book a wine tasting for a child’s birthday party and the less said about the ‘Happy 75th’ bouncy castle booking the better. With that in mind, we thought it may be useful to run through a few ideas you may wish to have a look at depending on the life stage within which you currently reside.



Who can forget childhood? A time when you were completely carefree but were still liable to be dragged along to events at your parents insistence. Thankfully, many times there were acts at these events that were tailor made for you. Ah, life was hugely enjoyable when you were being entertained by such acts as Balloonatic ("a dog please") and Frehd the children's entertainer that you happily got involved, all memories of missing your favourite cartoon on television completely forgotten.

First Dates

 Act cool! Act cool! Keep calm! Yes, the first dates stage of life. This is perhaps where you’re dipping your toe into the water of love and more often than not finding that yourself and very-possibly-your-future-spouse aren’t actually as well suited as you’d hoped. Ah well. At least the dates were good! Who can forget the wonderful experience of going to see Tim Minchin or Micky Flanagan live? And getting to hear Boris Johnson speak was certainly an entertaining evening!

Going Steady

Ah, the going steady phase. The awkwardness has departed and the first dates are but a distant, albeit-oft-remembered memory. This is the point in proceedings where many fall down, failing to put the effort in. But not you, oh no, there's life in the old dog yet! You did very well, taking in a German Wheel display, chuckling at the comedy contortion of Captain Frodo and finding yourself completely flawed by the talents of psychological magician Alex Crow. You also enjoyed Wandering Hands at your mate’s wedding and began to ponder life as you look at the partner to your side... Hmm.


 No pressure for this life stage, folks. None at all. We aren’t being sarcastic either for there really is no pressure when you propose because of your incredible choice of entertainment acts to help celebrate the occasion. Who can forget the way that you arranged for the graphologist to study your handwriting and declare you to be a perfectly matched double act? And the way that Judge the Poet was stationed to enforce this idea before Chrissy provided you with mementos of your day?


The most important part of your wedding day is undoubtedly the exchanging of the vows, declaring a lifelong commitment to one another. Everything else is window dressing but hey, you want the finest window dressing there is. To that end, splashing out for the V & A was quite the declaration of your love. And nobody will forget the reception at the Waldorf in a hurry. And booking the tandem of Light Dancers and Lightwalkers was a great idea. With the photobooth images providing a fun way to scrapbook your event, everyone went home happ-- Wait a second! Was that the Queen in attendance?

Of course, many of the acts depicted here can't really be compartmentalised and we have loads more ideas up our sleeve.




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By Henry Fosdike