The 9 Most Popular Wedding Bands

November 04, 2015

It’s your big day and you’re thinking, “What band should I pick for my wedding?” It’s a big decision. Admittedly it’s not going to be the biggest decision you end up making in your life, but this is still a decision that can turn your wedding from a wonderful day that is talked about by friends and family for years to come into a big day that whilst still good wasn’t quite perfect. Thankfully these 9 bands will make sure your wedding day is the best that it could possibly be.


A stylish party band that have been entertaining clients around the world for over 5years, Bellissima are a hit with audiences no matter whom they’re playing to. They’ve brought their finely honed musical talents to countries as diverse as Beirut, Switzerland, Italy and Russia and, are able to change their lineup from 4 performers up to 10 and have an extensive repertoire from jazz to rock and soul to folk. They can even play traditional Jewish music if required.

Le Beat Elite

If it’s funk, soul and pop you’re after then Le Beat Elite might be just the thing! London-based and renowned for being one of the UK’s finest cover bands over the past 10 years, their repertoire covers a spectrum of music from the fifties right through to the present day. Known for providing a great atmosphere, they’re available as a 5 piece and beyond, with experience of performing at such venues as The Royal Albert Hall, Wimbledon and even Kensington Palace.


FTF performed at our recent event at Old Billingsgate and you only have to look at those photos to see just how popular they were across all ages! Entertaining, highly skilled and versatile, FTF are an extremely popular band on the London events circuit when not making themselves exclusively available for your wedding. Able to transform into a 16 piece band if possible, they start from just 5 people and have a large repertoire including disco and motown. Get ready to dance!

Stereo Twist

If you’re looking for a band described as “sharp, cool and switched on” then Stereo Twist are exactly what you’re after! They’ve been playing at private parties, corporate events and weddings for over ten years and can deliver a pulsating setlist of top rock tracks or a steady, chilled out repertoire of quality pop. Always professional and charming, with a style that helps them stand out from other run-of-the-mill function bands. Stereo Twist come highly recommended.

Ruby & the Rhythms

“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!” sang the Kaiser Chiefs way back in 2007. But who were they talking about? Could it possible be the lead singer of Ruby & the Rhythms? Well, perhaps… One of the events world’s top function bands, the band pride themselves on providing you with a totally unique experience, incorporating only the best song choices, cool improvisation and quirky medleys into each show. They also have eminently cool and powerful LED lights that can turn your wedding into the party it should be!

Wandering Hands

Perhaps our most popular musical act, not a week goes by without another booking for this talented trio (they’re already taking bookings for 2017!) In fact, they are so popular that a number of musicians are part of the Wandering Hands troupe ensuring that no event is left empty handed (sorry) if they want this incredible acoustic trio! Because they’re acoustic, they have no problem playing in events with a sound limiter. Because they’re a strolling act, they can bring the party to you and because they’re so damned good, they are a must have at weddings across the UK.

Hand Fulla Soul

If you’re a fan of Wandering Hands then Hand Fulla Soul are the next logical choice. Perhaps you want more than a soulful and fun trio onstage? Not a problem for the expanded lineup of Hand Fulla Soul adds a female lead, more instruments and more singers to create the ultimate function band. They play all the hits you’d expect as well as a few curve balls (Gangsta’s Paradise and Hammer Time to name but two), but hey, it works so let’s just keep dancing!


If you’ve dreamed of having someone from the X Factor at your party or event then dream no more because Danny from Rednote featured on the hit ITV show! Alas, he got sent home from bootcamp but live television’s loss is live entertainment’s gain! Rednote are an experienced pop covers ensemble, providing lively and upbeat sets for weddings across the capital. Smart, sophisticated and slick, they’re a great choice for your big day.

Black Hat Band

A 6 to 9 piece band, London-based Black Hat Band are exactly what you might expect from their name! Since forming in 2007, this fun-loving function band have become a regular fixture on the events scene in London, as well as performing throughout the UK and even overseas. With a wide repertoire of over 350 songs, there’s sure to be a setlist of songs that you will enjoy for your wedding day!

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By Henry Fosdike