Tennis Themed Entertainment for Events

July 01, 2019

The start of July also means the start of Wimbledon, which means for two weeks anybody and everybody will be looking to put on an event that involves the tennis in some way. Unsure what to book for your event? We have a few ideas to infuse your event with tennis themed entertainment!

Tennis Jugglers

 What could be better than not only providing a small tennis court to add to the theme of your event but to also have tennis jugglers to wow your guests? Yes, our racqueteers (or should that be racketeers if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic?) can not only juggle both racquets and tennis balls but can also throw whatever it is they are juggling to their partner on the other side of the net. A very impressive act and one that went down a storm at the QEII Centre in 2015!

Wandering Hands

 Everybody’s favourite wandering acoustic trio, Wandering Hands are hugely popular throughout the summer months and fit in at numerous summer institutions from the Chelsea Flower Show to Royal Ascot! As such, the three band-members are more than accustomed at dealing with happy punters and will provide feel good tunes for all as they wander about your event. A very summery band that are sure to make guests think of Wimbledon and the tennis!

Ice Angels

 What can be better than the infamous strawberries and cream at Wimbledon? Well in this instance we can actually go one better by making sure that you are properly refreshed in this weather with the Ice Angels. Not only will our strawberries and cream come with ice cream but it will be made by utilising every event caterer’s favourite ingredient – liquid nitrogen! As atmospheric and impressive as it sounds, no guest will have had strawberries and cream quite like this. The Ice Angels are a must in the seasonal summer sun.

Brothers & Sons

 What could be better than booking a band for your event that have actually played at the All England Club? Yes, if you are looking for authenticity at your event then look no further than Brothers & Sons, a five-piece international roaming band that are just as popular at parties and events as weddings. A truly excellent group of musicians that are hugely in demand, they have played numerous gigs at Wimbledon over the years and are always guaranteed to impress.

Living Topiary

 The grass tennis courts are not the only thing to amaze Wimbledon attendees each and every year but also the flora and fauna on display. With this in mind, we think that our hedge shaped humans Living Topiary are just the thing for a summer party, offering hugs and waves to all who require them. A huge hit at Wimbledon events of the past, their somewhat unique costumes always ensure that they are in massive demand for those looking for a fun selfie opportunity!

The Wild Tonics

 Our final act for a truly Wimbledon-inspired event are the wonderful Wild Tonics, a close-harmony trio that will evoke memories of tournaments gone by and bring together forties and fifties to the modern day in sensational summer harmonies. Known for their ability to infuse an event with the feel good factor (especially when you need to be wearing the factory 50!), The Wild Tonics have the look and the tunes to fit right in at your Wimbledon Themed Event this year.

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By Henry Fosdike