Top 5 Teambuilding Ideas

March 12, 2013

Entertainment can serve many functions at a corporate event, from background music to eye popping circus shows, function bands for dancing to side-splitting comedians, but one of the functions that we perhaps don’t mention often enough is teambuilding. Rather than people in a conference room falling backwards into each other’s arms, teambuilding can incorporate entertainment to make the process of building one’s team a thoroughly pleasurable one.

So today, we’re offering up our Top 5 Teambuilding Entertainment Ideas for corporate events – take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.

 Drum Workshop

While we wouldn’t usually encourage events planners to find their own musicians from the guests at an event, drum workshops are the best way to get guests involved in the music at an event. With a low barrier for entry and the option to cater for different levels of musical ability, our percussionists allow guests to form their own sprawling rhythmic ensemble and experience (some of) the thrill of live performance.

 Treasure Hunt

This teambuilding stalwart remains a teambuilding stalwart for a reason; a treasure hunt allows guests to work together towards a goal and can incorporate ideas that are closely linked to a company or product and lead ‘treasure-huntees’ through a venue or its surrounding areas. But by intertwining a treasure hunt with entertainment - by say, including costumed characters or incorporating clues into the rest of the evening’s entertainment –it can make for a creative and exciting teambuilding solution.

 Cocktail Master Class

Drinks are an essential part of any teambuilding event, so why not make them the focus? Our cocktail master classes put guests into teams who compete to see who can make the best version of a classic cocktail or even make up their own drink. With a cocktail expert (or mixologist as they insist on calling themselves) guiding participants along the way, guests will feel like Tom Cruise in that film where he makes loads of cocktails... that’s right, Days of Thunder... Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder.

 Circus Skills Workshop

Anyone who’s ever dreamt about running away to the circus (which let’s face it, is everyone – free face paint and all the sawdust you can eat!) will jump at the chance to take part in their own circus show (and then after they jump at the chance they’ll somersault in the air and land on a tightrope wire.*) Our expert circus performers can teach guests some of the skills involved in their acts - which can be as simple as juggling or as wobbly as basic unicycle riding.

 CSI Teambuilding

Those characters on those Crime Scene Investigation TV shows, they always seem like they’re a pretty good team – must be all the crime scenes they investigate? If that’s the case, bringing some of that police procedural magic into an event must be a good idea. Our CSI Teambuilding exercises can range from small scale sessions on fingerprinting or DNA evidence to fascinating murder mysteries based on real life cases. Lead by a team of former forensic investigators, CSI teambuilding leaves guests feeling like a crack team of detectives which, as television has taught us, is the most efficient type of team there is.  

For more information on booking teambuilding exercises for corporate events, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen  

*Health and Safety permitting