Swift Harp Trio in the Northall Restaurant

October 24, 2011



Entertainment is always a great way to celebrate product launches and grand openings because a well-chosen act can neatly  encapsulate the 'feel' of a product or venue without having to spell things out for people with overlong speeches, videos or promotional material. The right choice of background music can create the ideal atmosphere for giving first impressions of a venue and can leave a lasting impression in the minds of guests and clients.

The Swift Harp Trio entertain guests on the Balcony at the Northall Restaurant

For a recent event at the Corinthia Hotel in London we supplied an act intended to reflect the refined, beautiful surrounds of the hotel's new restaurant 'The Northall' which opened its doors for the first time last week. The Swift Harp Trio proved to be an excellent choice to represent the unique but classically styled venue; not as common as a string quartet or jazz trio at corporate events - Swift Harps proved to be a welcome twist on the usual classical background music at events. They're also available as a quartet for a fuller sound  - take a listen here

A Glimpse of the Northall Restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel
Performing on the balcony of the restaurant, our Harp trio played a set of beautifully delicate classical improvisations with elements of folk while guests enjoyed the selection of food and drinks on offer from the Northall. Showcasing the best of British cuisine in a world-class setting the Northall focuses on seasonal produce supplied by artisanal producers from around the British Isles.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below...

Decorations in the Northall Restaurant

The view of Swift Harps from the new restaurant at the Corintha - The Northall

Some of the drinks on offer at the Northall Restaurant at the Corinthia Hotel

A seafood themed ice wall at the Northall restaurant

Swift Harp Trio

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