Swan-derful - Are we about to see the rise of the Black Swan Themed Event?

February 03, 2011

It crossed my mind whilst sitting in my comfortable seat at the Curzon cinema Wimbledon that Black Swan would make an excellent theme for a corporate party – well that is if you cast aside the horror element, the explisit lesbianism and the drug taking. I felt like I’d somehow been here before – yes it was Billy Elliott all over again, but with even more drama and craziness.


The power of that music (Tchaikovsky’s Dying Swan) cannot fail to arouse intense  emotions even if the film overall was a bit bonkers.  As my specially prepared Black Swan cocktail started to kick in, my mind turned once again to those heady days of Dirty Dancing, James Bond and Alice in Wonderland themed corporate events. Could this be another inspirational moment in the history of Sternberg Clarke? Are we about to be inundated with enquires for Ballet dancers at weddings, magic shows performed by illusionists dressed in Bjork's infamous swan dress?

Last year saw an explosion in Mad Men Themed Events and Weddings and if HBO's Boardwalk Empire captures the public imagination in the same way we could see a similar shift towards Prohibition themed corporate parties - chock full of secret Casino Tables, Pickpockets, Burlesque Dancers, Jazz bands - we could even throw in a few meet and greet gangsters.

It's interesting to see how these themed parties filter through to the corporate events industry and some films are more suitable than others to base an entire event around - will Black Swan prove to be the movie that sparks a revolution in Ballet at corporate and private functions or will it just prove to be a good movie?

If you decide to lead the way with ballet themed entertainment, give us a call at Sternberg Clarke; you may be equally surprised and inspired.