Top 5: Surprise Entertainment Ideas

March 26, 2013

We talk a great deal about the best ways to entertain guests at corporate events, sometimes that’s with background or ambient acts, sometimes that’s with music for dancing or stage shows. But when you really want to get the attention of your guests, the best way to grab them is to surprise them with something they hopefully haven’t seen at an event before or at least, aren’t expecting.

Sounds easy enough, but the art of surprising an audience isn’t an easy one to master, and compared to background acts, surprise performances can be some of the most difficult to plan and pull off. So we’re offering up our Top 5 Surprise Entertainment Ideas

 The Counterfeit Tenors

Our take on the famous 3 Waiters cabaret act, The Counterfeit Tenors spend the first part of the evening playing the part of bumbling waiters, daydreaming about operatic stardom and whining to guests how they could be so much more. Finally they toss their silver platters aside and break into a 20 minute operatic showdown. Even those who don't consider themselves opera buffs are sure to get a giggle out of the Tenors' spontaneous theatrics and vocal talents.

 Le Gateau Chocolat

Whereas the Counterfeit Tenors are seen before they are heard, Le Gateau Chocolat  goes in another direction. The first thing guests experience is a powerful, ground-trembling operatic baritone – but even those well-versed in surprise performances will struggle to anticipate the big reveal. Clad in one of his typically outlandish lycra costumes, Le Gateau Chocolat is a hilarious, moving and glamorous bundle of contradictions who keeps guests on the edge of their seats till the last note of his performance.



Used for everything from viral marketing to protests and even occasionally touching tributes; the Flash Mob is a recent invention where people break out into a seemingly spontaneous but meticulously choreographed dance routine.  ‘Why can't I use that concept for my upcoming xmas party?’ You might ask. I am trying to tell you that you can. In the past, we’ve arranged dancers, musicians, costumes and more for flashmobs in a range of different sizes all with the same astonishing results.

 The Box

Beginning with nothing but a mysterious box, guests eyes are immediately drawn to the stage when one of a circus performer emerges and begins her performance, they’ll be even more surprised when another performer comes out and the pair begin a show that incorporates ribbon dancing, contortion and acrobalance. The box is a brilliant choice for adding a little mystery into proceedings.

 Ian D Montfort

Character comedian Tom Binns’ performances as Ian D. Montfort are surprising in a different way from most of the acts featured on this list so far. Initially appearing as a hapless Spirit Medium from Sunderland, Montfort’s psychic stabs in the dark become spookily accurate as the evening goes on, eventually revealing the innermost secrets of his bewildered audience. His hilarious act at once sends up the practice of cold reading while at the same time showing genuine skill in it.

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By Garreth Owen