Summer Allotment Party for Radish Events Launch

June 26, 2013

Having worked with some of the best caterers in the events industry, we’ve worked at plenty of corporate events at which the food is the main attraction.  That being said, food has never quite taken centre stage in  quite the same way as it did last week at Nomura for the launch of Restaurant Associates’ new event management venture Radish Events. The event placed a focus on fresh produce and innovating catering options in a way that extended beyond the usual drinks and canapés.  

 Guests were treated to a plethora of edible options with Food Roulette, a Cheese Station, Hog Roast, Dessert Stall and picnic area to choose from as well as a fully stocked bar showcasing a range of refreshing seasonal cocktails. If the breathtaking views over London weren’t enough, the event itself had no shortage of spectacle with performances from The Swing Ninjas, garden themed jugglers and The London Vegetable Orchestra all adding to the British allotment theme.

 Vintage Jazz troubadours The Swing Ninjas provided a suitably lazy, laid back soundtrack to the event performing in a number of spots around Nomura’s roof garden. The band’s Dixieland infused jazz and charming vocal harmonies proved a perfect backing for guests enjoying the view from deckchairs in the picnic area and the inclusion of a Helicon (musical instrument from the Tuba family) made for a talking point among those interested in the Tuba family... so Sternberg Clarke then.

 Running with the allotment theme, our Vegetable Orchestra drew plenty of curious guests with their renditions of popular tunes performed on a variety of hollowed out vegetables. But the Orchestra also gave the audience a glimpse behind the curtain (a curtain probably made of Leeks or something) by allowing guests to see them create the instruments before playing them. It’s not every event you get to see a group of trained musicians drilling holes into carrots.

 Elsewhere, our garden themed jugglers delighted onlookers by juggling with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, involving guests in their performances and encouraging people to have a go themselves. The pair performed in suitably themed costumes featuring dungarees, wellington boots and sun hats – fitting in perfectly with the similarly dressed catering staff.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

         For more info on booking The Swing Ninjas, The London Vegetable Orchestra or Costumed Jugglers for upcoming corporate events or private parties, head over to our contact page and get in touch.