Strolling Entertainment Ideas

July 08, 2013

Much as we love a bit of good old fashioned spectacle, we recognise that a corporate event isn’t always the best place for a stage show. Whether it’s because you want guests to network, explore a venue or even just relax and chat to colleagues, it’s not always the best idea to have everyone’s attention fixed on a stage for prolonged periods of time. It’s times like these, strolling acts come into their own.

Strolling acts are brilliant for creating atmosphere at events where guests are free to roam but importantly, they provide talking points without breaking the flow of an event. In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of this summer’s most popular strolling performers and discuss where they’re best suited in the context of an event. Read on for more...

 Contact Jugglers

The ever popular art of contact juggling (or crystal ball manipulation) sees performers guide crystal spheres around their body with effortless ease. Contact Juggling is, by its very nature, a slower paced relation of regular juggling. Consequently, a contact juggler offers a less kinetic alternative to the standard juggler and is great for providing spectacle without being too distracting.

 Digital Caricatures

Caricaturists have long been popular at corporate events, offering fun, light-hearted keepsakes for guests once the event is over. But if the idea of guests walking away from an event carrying rolls of paper seems so 20th Century, our Digital Caricaturist might be just the blast of techy modernity your event needs. Using an iPad (or any form of touch screen tablet computer) one of our skilled artists can create playful caricatures of guests and then either print them, display them on a screen or email them directly to guests. How very modern.

 iPad Magic

Experts believe that in the average living room, there are up to 6 internet connected devices with screens – why not put one of them to work at your next event? Much like the Digital Caricaturist, our iPad magician manages to do something unexpected with the everyday tablet computer. Mixing old-fashioned sleight of hand with new fangled high-tech trickery iPad Magic is a smart choice for events with a tech focus but works equally well as a twist on the standard close-up magician.

 Strolling Musicians

Though they’re often placed in a corner at an event, there’s no reason musicians need to be static. In fact strolling musicians can add a great visual element to an event’s entertainment as well as provide background music with anything from solo musicians to acoustic ensembles able to play whilst moving around a venue. Acts like Wandering Hands and The Watling Street band in particular are well practiced in the art of playing on the move and offer a nice change from the usual “band on a stage” found at most events.


We’ve talked before about the importance of letting guests interact with the entertainment at an event and our Graphologist is a great example of how to do this. After a thorough examination of a guest’s penmanship, our handwriting expert is able to pick out key personality traits and even uncover a few hidden secrets about the writer. While many strolling acts are about grabbing attention with flashy moves and garish costumes, there’s something refreshingly different about this quiet, unique take on wandering entertainment. 

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By Garreth Owen