Strolling Christmas Entertainment to Hire!

November 22, 2016

With just under a month until Christmas Day arrives, there’s not much time to book your Christmas entertainment for the office party! Not every business can afford to go wild at Christmas time and book out an impressive venue, so we imagine there will be a fair few of you reading this who are looking forward to having a couple of bottles of wine just a few metres from the comforts of your desk. Despite the fact that their might not be enough room to have the whole entertainment package we offer, there are more than a few Christmassy strolling acts that can bring a little festive cheer as they go.

Ice King and Queen

What sort of an Ice Kingdom exists without and Ice King and Ice Queen upon the regal ice throne? This fabulous duo (above) are a sight to behold in their stunning costumes and with their magnificent size; they’re on stilts and won’t hesitate to look down upon you as they walk by!


 Another enchanting group of stilt walkers, the Arcadians are a gorgeous act whom wander about your event with amazing LED dresses that twinkle as they walk. With beautifully decorated lanterns in their hands, they can really provide a chilled out, autumnal atmosphere at your Christmas party.

Bjorn the Polar Bear

 A favourite of our blog because well who wouldn’t want to hire a polar bear for a Christmas party? Bjorn the Polar Bear is everyone’s favourite animatronic fuzzball, able to walk amongst your guests and respond to their reactions. He even comes complete with an Inuit handler who completes the look and can teach onlookers all about our furry friends.

Christmas Belles

 Who doesn’t love a bit of wordplay when picking which entertainment to hire? The Christmas Belles are exactly what they sound like as the picture shows. Two stilt walkers dress up in superb costumes and are able to wander through the room, chiming bells as they go. The perfect accompaniment to any party.  

Christmas Puddings

 Come on now! Come on! You know as soon as you see the photo that you’d like to hire Christmas puddings for your Christmas party. Look at that costume and the smiles that the performers are wearing. Then you notice the roller skates! Sure, the Christmas puddings might not be the first thing in your budget but they are undoubtedly one of our most popular Christmas acts and hugely popular on Instagram!

Clockwork Ballerinas

 A little bit different from the other strolling options you can hire for your Christmas entertainment, the Clockwork Ballerinas can provide a short ballet performance as required… They just need to make sure that they have been fully wound so as to complete their walk around! A charming and elegant act.


 Right up there with the Christmas puddings, these Cocky Robins offer that special something to any Christmas party. Wonderfully visual and sure to delight as they pose for selfies with various guests, the Robins can stroll to the delight of everybody in the room!

Nutcracker Duet

 If the Clockwork Ballerinas aren’t quite your thing then do not despair for this Nutcracker Duo are available to hire for your Christmas party instead! Comprised of one male and one female performer, this brilliant duo can perform a classic dance from Tchaikovsky’s world famous Christmas ballet.

Christmas Meanderthals

 Have we saved the best until last? Undoubtedly. The Christmas Meanderthals are unlike any other Christmas acts that you can hire and we just love them! The appearance is hilarious – two old men crouched low thanks to the parcels on their backs. With roving eyes and mumbling with abandon, the little men in the parcels spring to life, surprising and delighting guests as they go. Truly unique and absolute genius!

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By Henry Fosdike