String Fever Visit the Office

November 12, 2013

That downstairs prop cupboard/audition space isn’t just for new act auditions, you know – we’re occasionally visited by a few familiar faces. Sometimes it’s just to say hi, maybe introduce themselves to new members of staff, other times acts come in to show us a new idea they have for corporate events and occasionally an act comes in to remind us what makes them so perfect for after dinner cabaret shows. It was a case of ‘all of the above’ for the brilliant String Fever who were kind enough to stop by last week and introduce themselves to the team.

 The Brothers (and cousin) Broadbent mix pop, classical, beat boxing and audience participation to create a one of a kind cabaret show that’s been a huge hit in the events industry since we helped launch it over a decade ago. The quartet’s Movie Theme Quiz tests the audience’s knowledge of film sound tracks ranging from familiar favourites to devious head scratchers and their Brief History of Music rockets through centuries of classical pieces and popular tunes in a fun, frantic 5 minutes.

 Using electric instruments and a vast bank of effects pedals, the foursome are able to flit effortlessly between genres and their smart use of beat boxing allows them to cover a staggering range of music in their show. The highlight of the show sees all four Broadbents share a single Cello, arms snaking between limbs as they perform Ravel’s Bolero backed by a pair of audience volunteers. It’s an ingenious display that never fails to delight hard-to-please event audiences and smug seen-it-all entertainment agency-types alike.  

 For more information on booking String Fever for corporate events or private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen