Strictly SW7: Le Gateau Chocolat and Wandering Hands at the Natural History Museum

November 23, 2011



Those with a thirst for knowledge and a love of the arts can't fail to have noticed that London's cultural heartland has been a little *roadworks-ey* in the past. Thankfully, London's most iconic museums along Exhibition Road have remained open to the public and corporate events throughout.  But now 'knowledge' fans and 'corporate entertainment agencies' alike are dancing in the streets at the news that Exhibition Road has reopened - and when you consider that, due to road works, dancing in the streets wasn't even possible a few months ago, it's all the more incredible.

A sneak peak of our upcoming book "Where's the Strolling Acoustic Covers Band?"

To celebrate the reopening of Exhibition Road following a £28m project to pedestrianize the area, the Natural History Museum, The V&A and the Science Museum teamed up to put on a revolving 'dine-around' event where three groups of 100-or-so guests took turns in sampling the food, drink, entertainment and atmosphere of these three iconic corporate event venues. As we mentioned in our preview post last week, Entertainment at the Natural History Museum came courtesy of Sternberg Clarke's two favourite new acts; strolling acoustic covers band Wandering Hands and glitter-bearded mega-diva Le Gateau Chocolat.

Dan from Wandering Hands pauses to play rock paper scissors with an audience member... Picks Scissors... wins.

With a number of high profile corporate events under their belts already - Wandering Hands fit right in with some of the Event Industry's best and brightest, performing a set of high energy pop, rock and soul covers from the last few decades. Weaving between clusters of guests, the dynamic threesome brought some interactivity into the event entertainment - taking suggestions, chatting with the audience and sparking more than a few impromptu sing-alongs.

With food and canapés supplied by event caterers Rocket Food, guests weren't short of tempting treats - but, gluttons that we are, we decided to provide a hit of pure 'Chocolat' all the same with a deliciously opulent performance from Gateau who must have been hanging around the geological collection before he went on stage. Gateau's thunderous version of 'Diamonds Are Forever' will no doubt have had guests rushing to the Vault Gallery to gaze longingly at their fascinating collection of diamonds and gemstones, perhaps murmuring 'Touch it, stroke it and undress it...' in a rich velvety baritone. Perhaps.

Gateau Performs a Sparkling Version of 'Diamonds are Forever'... Sparkling... Like Diamonds

Gateau's glitzy, playful performance would have been nothing without the help of Fisher Productions who took care of sound and lighting for the evening and adding to the hedonistic vibe of the Earth Galleries, JW Flowers supplied a series of flower arrangements that threatened to draw attention away from our acts. Only threatened, mind. The event also received a social media boost from Triggerfish PR who made sure everyone was as excited about the evening as we were.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. 

Guests clearly agreeing with Gateau on the subject of "How Long Diamonds Are For"

Guests were asked not to try and chip 'ice' off Rocket Food's glass display stand... "But my spiced apple daiquiri has gone a little warm!"

The Wandering Hands guys cunningly avoid a snarky picture caption... Next Time, Wandering Hands... Next Time...

Gateau blows guests away at the Natural History Museum

Wandering Hands survey a sea of warmly appreciative heads at the Natural History Museum

For more information on Gateau, Wandering Hands or any of our other acts - get in touch through our contact section.