Strictly Come All Ye Faithful: Dancers and Carte Blanche perform at Corporate Event

December 21, 2011


 With the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing sashaying to a close over the weekend - fans of 'TV shows featuring couples dancing' face a long cold winter of 'no TV shows featuring couples dancing'. So, short of re-watching old episodes on the iPlayer, what's a dance fan to do? Well if they're organising a Corporate Event, they could enlist the help of Sternberg Clarke to bring a little bit of that Strictly Come Dancing magic into their event entertainment.

We provided two pairs of professional dancers who put on a series of dazzling dance routines throughout the evening that would have put this year's 'Strictly' Contestants to shame. Our two dancing duos went head to head with routines based on energetic latin and modern styles of dance and even encouraged a spot of audience participation by bringing up guests to dance with accompaniment from our fantastic function band Carte Blanche.

With the help of a live band and a sparkling LED dance floor, the event was given an injection of Primetime TV Glamour; all that was missing was Brucie... who was apparently busy on Saturday. Shame.

For more information on dancers or function bands for events, get in touch through out contact page.