Stilts, Fables, Talking Tables and Blue Strawberries at the Natural History Museum

March 04, 2011



Wednesday night was an evening of British eccentricity and magical otherworldliness at the Natural History Museum; the event was just one of those glorious evenings when everything came together – I say that like it's an anomaly, they all come together. But there was something about the combination of the acts we provided mixed with the stunning venue and the show stoppingly good food that made our evening in the Earth Galleries truly memorable.

 The evening was in celebration  Table Talk & Blue Strawberry who were launching their new Spring/Summer menu. To help them in this seasonal feast, were a panoply of top event suppliers; florists Lavender Green (who's fingers are always suspiciously clean considering the work that must go into their flower arrangements), the fantastic Fisher who did the production (we're always particularly glad to see them, as our acts would be nothing without decent sound), Twist London who provided the gorgeous waiting staff with the longest-ever lashes and finally the fantastic venue – The Earth Galleries.  I hope that is all accounted for. I know how annoying it is to be left of the list of thanks, as we were last night at another event (no names mentioned! Just deep resentment building up internally… humph!)

You can't just rock up to a venue like the Natural History Museum with any old acts though, so something a little bit special was in order for the evening – and Fables & Friends fit the bill perfectly; ever so slightly quirky, just the right side of whimsical and uniquely British, G&TF took to the stage under an electronic Union Jack Logo supplied by Fisher (See the gallery Below) and performed a set that was ideally suited to welcoming in the spring months after a particularly tough winter.

As if Fables & Friends weren't captivating enough, we also supplied our mesmerising contact jugglers and ethereal Light Walkers who ghosted around the venue on stilts adding to the already magical feeling you get from being in a Museum at night (or at least you used to get, until the film Night at the Museum came out and revealed that what happens in a Museum at night is a sub-par Ben Stiller comedy.)

Of course the star of the evening was the food. The menu is now available online but words don't quite do justice to Table Talk & Blue Strawberry's intricate canapes; in particular the  chocolate mousse cake, which was probably the best chocolate dessert I have ever eaten… and I do pride myself on being a bit of an expert. I can only hope and pray that I get to go to another event where Blue Strawberry or Table Talk are doing the catering just so I can rekindle my romance with that little tease of a desert. I'm swooning as I write this.

So altogether a very successful night and one that we're proud to be a part of. Take a look at the gallery below for all the pictures from the event.