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March 05, 2015

As it’s World Book Day and you’re clearly looking at a screen rather than leafing through a classic novel, we thought we’d attempt to try and at least make our blog book-related on this most special of days by taking a peek into our archive and uncovering a few of our favourite book-themed events from years gone by.

Alice in Wonderland

classic from our garden party repertoire, our event in Westminster combined Alice, the Queen of Hearts and the March Hare, along with various other forms of entertainment including superb jazz band, The Blind Tigers. This book is extremely popular when it comes to summer parties and you’ll be glad to know that we’re never late for these important dates.  

Harry Potter

Wingardium Leviosa! Yes, allow us to lift your spirits (in the style of Hermione Granger rather than Ron Weasley) by showing you these gorgeous photos from our Harry Potter-themed eventat St. Pancras Hotel. London residents will be aware that St. Pancras is of course better known by its full name, Kings Cross St. Pancras, home of the infamous Platform 9 ¾.  

World of Walliams

A fun theme for younger children, we provided various costumed characters for an event at The Palace Theatre in London, where fans of David Walliams’ books were able to meet their favourite characters face-to-face. From Gangsta Granny to Mr. Stink, hundreds of children were thoroughly delighted by this exciting event. These never-before-seen photos shows our actors getting into character! 

The Secret Garden

Stationers Hall was the setting for this wonderful Secret Garden theme. Wandering Handsplayed in full costume, close-up magician Dan entertained guests, living statues were on hand to enhance the magic and various birds delighted the party attendees in these gorgeous grounds. 




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By Henry Fosdike