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October 21, 2015

We at Sternberg Clarke offer a number of amazing entertainment acts for events, almost all of which we’ve seen up close through our rigorous auditions process whereby we ask performers and acts to visit our office and give us a brief ten to fifteen minute performance to better understand what we’ll be offering to our clients. When there is a lot of money involved, we want to ensure that we deliver the best entertainment to our clients. Unfortunately this isn’t always possible with team building activities as we can’t usually allow the entire office to abscond for the day.

Thankfully, this cannot be said for all type of team building as we discovered yesterday after Jon and I trekked over to Covent Garden in central London to have a go at a bit of ‘School of Wok’ cooking. Because we were on a schedule, we skipped what sounded like a tremendously fun experience which somewhat mirrored The Apprentice.

 With a few more people – up to 36 – guests are divided into teams (up to 5 depending on the number of people), given some cash and a list of ingredients and told to head off with some cash and get the best deal from neighbouring Chinatown. And not only that, the team that returns with all of the ingredients in the fastest time receives a prize. So yes folks, there are prizes! But there's more!

Upon returning to the kitchen, all of these budding chefs will be taught a number of dishes to then try out, learning knife skills, wok handling skills (Mel the head chef makes everything look way easier than it is) and of course cooking the dishes themselves.

Jon and I got stuck into making our Pad Thai as efficiently as possible. As a bit of a cookery novice, it's safe to say that it was a little daunting to be expected to put together a meal that someone else would actually be eating (sorry Jon), but we got through it, adding an egg, various vegetables and some noodles in the order in which we'd been taught. We wouldn't call ourselves Rachel Khoo or Arthur Potts-Dawson just yet but give it a few years and who knows?

 Although you're learning, this is best described is extremely fun learning, that brought to mind being back at school and focusing on 'doing' rather than 'being told'. As an alternative team building activity, it was great fun and the food tasted delicious at the culmination of the meeting. At an event, it would be sure to go down a storm! Wait, did we say at an event? Well yes, because this team building activity is fully mobile!

This was undoubtedly the tastiest meeting we've ever experienced and it's hard to comprehend the fact that we'd put together an authentic Asian meal that tasted so good. Sure, I'd done a stir fry before but this was something else entirely, even down to being taught when the wok is ready and when to add more oil. Another thing to highlight about the experience is that School of Wok even do classes where you're cooking for the homeless as well and make extra portions as a result. How great is that?!

All in all, we had a fabulous experience and would readily recommend cooking as a team building activity. So if it sounds like something you might like, then get in touch using the links below! 



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By Henry Fosdike