Steel Band, Circus, Cartoons and Magic for an Outdoor BBQ Party

August 01, 2011


 Much as we love providing entertainment for corporate events and weddings, it’s often a nice change of pace to send out some acts to perform for people who perhaps haven’t attended more than 50 events in the last year, and unless these children have abnormally busy social calendars – we’re guessing that last week’s private party in Chobham was a nice change from the usual day-to-day business of drawing on walls and eating play-dough.

 Zaz and his assistant find themselves trapped in the Olympic Logo

To keep the youngsters busy, our Circus performer Zaz and his glamorous put on a Circus Workshop with juggling displays, plate spinning unicycling and lessons in the age-old art of the Diablo. Zaz had the kids entertained for hours whilst their parents got on with the more pressing concerns of the rest of the event.

Jamie Raven shows guests why people call him "a magician" with some of that "magic" Those more pressing concerns being a magician, a caricaturist and a steel band – it’s tough being a grown-up. Close up magic specialist and all round nice guy Jamie Raven gave guests a bewildering display of sleight of hand and mentalism taking in card tricks, mind reading and more. A long time Sternberg Clarke pick for corporate events, Jamie went down especially well at this laid back summer barbecue event thanks to his easy-going, friendly style of performance.Jane Moore the Portrait Artist not to be confused with Jane Moore the Booker of Portrait Artists who works at Sternberg Clarke - booking portrait artists like Jane Moore, the Portrait Artist. Portrait artist and caricaturist Jane Moore has the same name as Jane Moore from our office. It causes no end of confusion on the phone “But if you’re there, how can you be…” etc. One way to tell them apart is to hand them a piece of paper and a pencil and see what they come up with – our Jane will probably write the words “Jeffin’ Entertainment” and make a trumpet noise, whereas the Jane Moore of this post is more likely to draw a charming and quite flattering portrait in her playful, unique style. Guests seemed to love Jane’s portraits as much as we did when she came in to audition last year and we’re always pleased to see her go down so well at events.

Phase 5 Steel Band perform at Chobham Farm Background music for the event was provided courtesy of Phase 5, our masterful Steel Band who performed a suitably exotic and energetic set of tunes that transformed a very English garden barbecue into an equatorial island party. Warm, enthusiastic and hugely entertaining – Phase 5′s infectious passion for their music passed on to everyone who heard them and they proved to be the perfect soundtrack to the event.

Zaz hopes to find more work this Summer to afford the other half of this bicycle If you're looking to book entertainment for Children or any of the acts we've featured here today, get in touch