Steampunk Party Theme Ideas

June 27, 2016

Whether you love the idea of Victorian industry fusing with science fiction or not, there’s no doubt about it that holding a steampunk party is really, really cool. With various cogs and mechanical whirring to the left of you and an extraordinarily well-coiffured man-in-top-hat to your right, you sure to have a marvellous time, especially if you follow these steampunk party theme ideas that we’ve laid out for you!

Costumed Characters

 I mean, we’ve sort of already mentioned this, but the costumed characters may well be the best bit about the entire steampunk party idea. Invite your guests to dress up by all means, but also hire costumed characters to enhance the feel of the occasion. We put on a steampunk party at the Natural History Museum and every single guest loved it as our actors mingled with the room. A fabulous idea, they’ll make you think you’ve time travelled!

Clockwork Ballerinas

 There’s something wonderful about the graceful dances that make up a ballet. It’s calm, relaxing and beautiful. In order to ‘steampunk it up’ a bit, these fabulous ballerinas have a key affixed to their back, making it appear as though they are purely mechanical. If you’re looking for showstopping entertainment for your steampunk party theme, then the clockwork ballerinas are certain to do the job!

The Wheel House Show

 Imagine that you lived in a wheel. Well now you don’t have to because the Wheel House Show can help you visualise such a scenario. Why do they live in a wheel? We don’t know but this incredible circus act certainly wouldn’t be out of place in a Mad Max style scenario. Creative, humorous and superbly acrobatic, the Wheel House Show makes use of a German wheel to bring their story to life.

Steampunk Fortune Teller

 If a steampunk scenario were to genuinely occur, you’d want to know how things would play out for you and your loved ones, right? Of course you would! With that in mind, hiring a fortune teller is just the right thing for those of you wondering how the future looks. Is there a mysterious man or woman who will appear in your life? Perhaps there’s an awesome flying pirate ship in your midst? The only way to know is to hire a fortune teller!

Box 9 Drumline

 Stand and deliver! There’s nothing quite like the sound of drums at your event! We decided to hire a drumming troupe, Box 9, for a fabulous Steampunk event at the Natural History Museum (previously mentioned above) and dressed them as Highwaymen in order to truly capture the spirit of the room! Hiring drummers for your event ensures that guests are welcomed to the party with a bang and that the steampunk theme is never too far away.



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By Henry Fosdike