Steampunk Entertainment @ Tobacco Dock

March 20, 2019

When you think of steampunk entertainment, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps flying airships and a lot of mechanical cogs whirring? Victorian or vintage costumes? A whole heap of fun? Exactly! Although we couldn’t provide the flying ship, we could provide everything else. Get set for a host of exciting photos from an event that nobody will forget in a hurry.

When you want to host steampunk entertainment, you need a venue that will work well with the theme. The choice was made for Tobacco Dock, a truly exceptional ‘blank canvas’ that houses a large open space that can be moulded into all sorts of different themes. Before now we have helped create a circus with the space and even a Covent Garden themed assortment of entertainment.

With guests arriving, we not only wanted them to be greeted by the fabulous production but also Box 9 Drumline, decked out in splendid vintage regalia. All of our acts on the evening were provided costume and makeup to help them blend in with the party theme and enhance the occasion for all. This was to be a truly spectacular event!

     For those that are fans of steampunk books or novels that certainly dabble in this area (think Stardust, Locke Lamora and Mortal Engines), we think you will adore the entertainment we offered on the night. Pickpocket Lee was on hand to offer up the questionable world of Steampunk whilst Dan and Gareth were the lighter form of entertainment with numerous card and magic tricks to keep guests entertained. For those concerned by having a pickpocket at the event – Lee was invited and made sure to hand back all guests’ belongings before he left (we think).

  Also in attendance was one of the most brilliant entertainers on our books – Lucas! When it comes to specialising in circus skills, there really is nobody better. A British Unicycle Champion four times over (4!), he showcased his abilities at Tobacco Dock as he rolled from one side of the room to the other with such speed and grace that many stopped to admire him. Not only did Lucas deliver his unicycle skills but to make things harder, he also juggled at the same time. Now that really is something you don’t see every day. An incredible circus entertainer, we really do urge you to book Lucas for your next event.

We were then lucky enough for Box 9 Drumline to return to the stage for an 8 minute show that absolutely wowed the crowd. Performing in full costumes that they surely remember from our Steampunk event at Natural History Museum, the group have since added LEDs to their instruments that really enhance the wow factor. Needless to say, they went down a storm.

What’s a party without music? You can have the coolest theme in the world but without being able to dance and let your hair down, why bother? Exactly! Muzika heard the (figurative) cry from the crowd and appeared to glorious applause, running through a barnstorming two hour set that covered all the classics and ensured a packed dancefloor throughout. From pop to rock and the 60s to now, it was over fifty years of the greatest hits condensed into 120 minutes of awesomeness. A true steampunk party at which everybody had a ball.

      Our thanks go to Tobacco Dock for providing the fab venue and of course to all of our artists for putting on an amazing performance. The makeup and hair from Melissa Davies must also be highly commended! It was a truly fantastic evening and we cannot wait for the next one.

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By Henry Fosdike