St. Patrick's Day Entertainment Ideas

March 15, 2016

If there’s one thing that you can guarantee come 17th March, it’ll be that St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will be going on all over the world, despite the fact 6 and a half million Irish people on the planet (give or take a hundred thousand here and there). The Americans go crazy for it, even dying their rivers in the colours of Ireland, whilst various monuments took on a green glow in solidarity last year. Yes, somehow St. Patrick’s Day has taken on a life of its own away from simply downing a Guinness or two in the pub with your mates. Now it’s all about the St. Patrick’s Day party entertainment! So what have we got for you? Well…

Guinness Harp

Okay, so it’s technically more widely known as an Irish harp, but if you showed a harp to somebody and asked them which company it made you think about, we’ll hazard a guess that they’ll mention the famous Irish dry stout. Annual sales total 850 million litres (that’s 1.5 billion pints) and it’s fair to assume you’ll be having at least one at a St. Patrick’s Day event at some point in the evening. As a result, why not do so in the company of a traditional Irish harp? It’s probably not perfect for the rowdier portion of the evening – and the Gaelic harp the Guinness logo is based on resides at Trinity College Dublin so it won’t be the real thing - but it is sure to elicit a few cheers as you head to the bar to get in that first round.

Uilleann Pipes

Another traditional instrument that is sure to be heard across Ireland, the Uilleann Pipes – which you probably know better as Irish Bagpipes – are noted for their tone and wide range of notes – two full octaves! Although they’ll be heard, it’ll only probably be for the enjoyment of those closest to them; they’re quieter than many other bagpipes (looking at you, Scotland) but are perfect for the different types of weather March brings as they’re traditionally played indoors and sitting down. Perfect to play in between that second Guinness!

Irish Dancers

It seems a little odd to keep writing ‘Irish’ before each of the suggested entertainment ideas for St. Patrick’s Day but it sure shows how much of an influence the Emerald Isle has over the rest of the world. They see one thing and make it their own! Irish dancing is a particularly merry addition to any party or celebration so it wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without it. Come March 17th, we wouldn’t advise you giving it a go but watching an Irish dance is a fabulous spectacle – just look at the popularity of Michael Flatley and Riverdance! There’s is actually a form of dance known as Irish step dancing, but you just try telling that to people over the roar of the crowd!

Irish Ceilidh

Another form of Irish dance, an Irish Ceilidh is probably the entertainment to go for if you want to join in with the more energetic St. Patrick’s Day proceedings. And let’s be honest, once you’ve had a third (and possibly fourth) Guinness, you’ll definitely want to get involved in the entertainment in some way! A ceilidh is a form of dance that allows amateurs to enjoy a party along with the professionals, all to the tune of some traditional Gaelic tunes. “Take your partner by the hand… Do-si-do!” Amazingly it’s not spelled dosey doe after all. But you won’t care for you’ll be having too much fun!

Costumed Characters

The thing about a celebration, a festival, any party at all really—Is that it’s tremendously fun to dress up! This is no different on St. Patrick’s Day – hell, it may be even more popular than on any other night of the year aside from Halloween – as various versions of shamrock, leprechauns and maybe even Bono take to the streets of Dublin, Boston and any other ‘Irish’ city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style! Fancy dress costumes include The Pied Piper, Father Ted, Irish kilts and many more… There’s a fair few options and you’re sure to fit right in.

But be warned, we highly advise booking the 18th March off. After sampling all of the St. Patrick’s Day entertainment ideas we’ve suggested, you’ll probably be way too tired to focus on work! Or you could just wait it out. You never know, the luck of the Irish may be smiling on you!

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By Henry Fosdike