Spy themed Entertainment at the St Pancras Renaissance London

February 05, 2013



With the world’s most famous super spy celebrating his 50th birthday last year, there’s never been a better time to be a globetrotting secret agent. We’ve had plenty of requests for James Bond lookalikes and Bondgirls at parties – but for a recent corporate event at Milbank Tower’s Skyloft, we provided a distinctly sneakier brand of spy themed entertainment for guests attending a product launch.

The Case of the Anachronistic URL on an Old-Timey Bus proved difficult to crackTaking inspiration from the Cold War era spy fiction of John le Carré, Graham Greene and Len Deighton, our team of trench coated spies were on hand to usher guests onto a vintage London bus for their journey between the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Millbank Tower where they would be attending a party in the recently opened Skyloft.

The reason we'll always have print media? You can't cut eyeholes in a website, my friend. Peeking through eyeholes in newspapers, spying through telescopes and furtively handing pieces of paper to each other and the guests – the spies playfully created the impression that they were trying to gain information on the product launch that the guests had just attended, quizzing party goers on the specifics of the product and letting slip a few morsels of info on the area surrounding Milbank Tower and with nearby the MI6 building featuring prominently in last year’s Skyfall, there was plenty to talk about.

With no one left to spy on, the spies begin to spy on each other. For more information on Spy Themed entertainment ideas, put on a yellow jacket and sit on a North Facing bench in Clapham Common and wait for a man to sit next to you and he’ll say the first part of the passphrase “I hear the cuckoos are mating in the Appalachians” and you’ll say “but the eagles remain celibate all year” and then he’ll give you a link to the contact page...