Spelbound Travel Diary - Show-time!

March 18, 2011

You'd think, having seen Spelbound rehearse at La QuintaDe Jarama in Madrid, there'd be no surprises left for their evening performance. But as everyone kept telling me 'It's better with the costumes'. And it really is. What before seemed like a collection of gymnasts performing near impossible feats of balance and strength, is transformed into something more unified. It's almost as if Spelbound are one entity as they sweep around the stage area with near telepathic understanding of each others positions.

Spelbound take to the stage...

It's clear why Santander went with Spelbound as an incentive for their top retail performers from 2010 – their performance sends a message to the audience about teamwork and unity. Though each member of Spelbound performs individually astonishing exploits, they'd all be meaningless without the involvement of every single other member. You get a sense of movement travelling from person to person rather than simply a group of people flipping around and balancing on each other. Each movement from each member sets of a sort of human Rube Goldberg Machine somehow bringing together the vast array of shapes and sizes in the group. Pictures and videos don't quite do Spelbound justice, it really needs to be seen to be believed.

Spelbound Perform Cry Me A River

The guests were understandably amazed. Spines are tingled, lumps form in throats and Spanish onlookers ask 'What's the English word for when the hair's stand up on your arm?' as Spelbound performed four routines made famous from their triumphant Britain's Got Talent appearances and subsequent high profile shows. Oh Fortuna sees Spelbound in studded leather costumes performing a ritualistic routine before a sparkling tuxedo-cladrenditionof Cry Me A River allows the troupe to create something akin to the opening credits of a Bond Film. After a short break Spelbound return bedecked in animal print for Two Tribes and finish off with an operatic take onBring Me To Life which theyoriginallyperformed with Katherine Jenkins.

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