Special Delivery: Le Gateau Chocolat Promotional Cakes

October 14, 2011



It's no secret that we love Le Gateau Chocolat - the lycra-clad star of La Soiree and toast of the Edinburgh Fringe he's earned a special place in the hearts of the Sternberg Clarke team and everyone who's seen him perform. But that's not enough - we want more people in the Corporate Events Industry to know what it is to gorge on Gateau, to feel the ground tremor from his luxurious baritone purr and witness the furious flurry of feathers that is his spectacular live show. We want everyone to love Gateau as much as we do. But how do we do that?


Lovingly wrapped and prepared by the Sternberg Clarke fairies.

To spread the Gateau love like pink icing across the top of a fairy cake, we sent out our team of Chocolat-addicts to hand out painstakingly crafted cupcakes in Gateau branded boxes. Lucky cake-recipients included a few of our favourite clients such as Urban Caprice, Fisher Productions, Pow Wow, Fait Accompli Rhubarb, Table Talk and Quintessentially as well as venues like The Royal Academy, Madame Tussaud's and Shoreditch House; all of whom are hopefully in the fierce grip of a dizzying sugar rush whilst eagerly browsing Gateau's (very inviting) new website.

All tagged, stacked and ready to be delivered - hopefully they won't get squashed en route!

Take a look at some more pictures of the cakes (and our team putting together the boxes in which they were to be delivered)

Busy making sure every last cupcake is a delicious as the act they're promoting - Le Gataeu Chocolat

Meticulous to the end, Le Gataeu Chocolat will be deliciously represented

Sprinkled with glamour, allure and sparkling with charisma the cakes and Le Gateau Chocolat go hand in hand!

If all this talk of cakes and gateau's is getting you hungry - that's not our department (Maybe try the aforementioned TableTalk or Rhubarb) but if we've piqued your interest in Le Gateau Chocolat's brand of high-energy, operatic camp then get in touch via our contact section.