Sit-Down Comedy - Our Top 5 Funny Acts That Aren't Stand Ups

October 26, 2011


Throughout Comedy Month, we've been trying to show the ways in which Comedy can be used at Corporate Events and weddings to set the right tone or create an atmosphere. We've spoken to Show Me the Funny winner Patrick Monahan about the ways that a Performer can approach corporate gigs as well as reviewing some of the best new stand-ups on the circuit. But we've tried to keep the focus on Comedy in general rather than just stand up, discussing funny songs, musical comedy and even some comedy juggling.

We know that a stand-up comic isn't the best fit for every event, so to show that comedy doesn't always have to mean a man with a mic; we're sharing our Top 5 Comedy Performers who Aren't Stand Ups... wish there was an easier way of saying that. Read on for our picks.

The Beta Males

Comedy troupe the Beta Males developed a cult following thanks to their expertly put together youtube videos and have seamlessly made the transition to semi-narrative live sketch shows such as the suspenseful transport-based caper 'The Train Job' and post-apocalyptic 'The Bunker', their high energy style and spot on parodies are a delight to behold, displaying attention to detail right down to their brilliant newspaper style programs. Take a look at one of their videos below.

Mat Ricardo dicovers that it's lonely at the top... of the stairs

Mat Ricardo

Recent Q&A subject Mat has spent 2 decades dazzling guests with his wit as much as his juggling skills but it's the combination of the two that make him perfect for corporate gigs. Humour is notoriously subjective, but Mat's effortless mix of physical comedy, verbal witticisms and feats of dexterity make him able to cross barriers of age, language and cultures in a way that few other comedy acts can.

Tell Eastend Cabaret do do something musical and they will act *accordioningly*

Eastend Cabaret

Offering twisted takes on everyone's favourite pop songs, the 1 1/2 woman (+ Half Man) duo are always able to elicit shrieks of laughter from their audiences thanks to their near-the-knuckle routines and bickering inter-song chemistry. To give Eastend Cabaret full credit, they're also pretty great musicians switching between pianos ukes and even a saw to create some genuinely surprising cover versions.

The Men in Coats fire their "tiny man gun" at a group of hecklers.

Men In Coats

If you're looking for laughs at a corporate event but you're not keen on the idea of stand-up, a physical comedy act is always a welcome alternative. The Men in Coats' breathtakingly inventive act combines classic silent clowning, slapstick and elements of magic to create something more akin to a live action Looney Tunes cartoon. This parka-wearing duo are guaranteed to bring a smile to even the stoniest of faces.

The Segue Sisters

We have plenty of pitch perfect female vocal harmony groups that have all taken their influences from The Andrews Sisters but while the likes of the Strumpettes and the Langley Sisters use their vocal talents to bewitch audiences with songs from the 40s and 50s, The Segue Sisters apply their sugary sweet larynxes to the songs of Nirvana, Metallica and Alice Cooper with hilarious effect. The girls even drew the attention of Segway who sponsored them for their 2010 Edinburgh run and provided them with 'transport' for the festival.

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