Singing Seamen: Counterfeit Tenors and the Cover Brothers aboard the Silver Sturgeon

October 06, 2011



The 'Singing Waiter' concept has been done countless times at Corporate Events and it's certainly something that we've provided many times in the past, but when it's executed well - a Singing Waiters performance can be an utterly show stopping way to bring some spontaneity into an event and we did just that at a recent event on Woods Silver Fleet's ever-popular river boat "The Silver Sturgeon."

"No really, I can't take credit - it was all Jamie Oliver"

What really sold the performance was the commitment from the performers... And they really committed. As in "work as a waiter for over an hour" kind of committed. In what can only be described as a Daniel Day-Lewis level of method acting, our trio of waiters slaved away over hot plates giving guests no inkling that they were anything but diligent waiting staff from caterers Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts (Whose Feasts were indeed fabulous as you can see from the pictures below)

The Counterfeit Tenors have spawned a tribute act called the Counterfeit Counterfeit Tenors... not so many bookings for them so far.

Exploding into a 25 minute operatic show, our act The Counterfeit Tenors delighted guests who were already pretty delighted to be on the exclusive Silver Sturgeon on such a balmy evening. Aside from being treated to a programme of entertainment from Sternberg Clarke, guests got the chance to sample an array of meticulously crafted canapés  from Jamie Oliver's team of caterers who recently partnered with Woods Silver Fleet to provide food and refreshments aboard all Silverfleet vessels. 

If only all acts were named with such elegant simplicity. They are brothers who play covers...

Elsewhere at the event were a couple of other Sternberg Clarke acts who, while not being as sneaky as the singing waiters, were just as thrilling to watch. Pop covers duo the Cover Brothers wowed guests with their decades-straddling catalogue of hits performed with bucketloads of enthusiasm and charm. As if that weren't enough, strolling between guests were some of our most experienced purveyors of close-up magic. Magicians Oliver Hambling and Spencer Wood dazzled partygoers with mind boggling displays of sleight of hand and nimble fingered card tricks.

Spencer Wood runs into an Old Flame on the Silver Sturgeon... and shows her a trick where he sets fire to a card. She'd seen it before.

Olly shares a joke with some guests... it better be a magic joke - we didn't hire you to be Funny Oliver


Some of the Food Provided by Event Caterers Jamie Oliver's Fabulous Feasts

Oliver Hambling performs aboard the Silver Sturgeon

The Cover Brothers make some of that "Eye Contact" that we always appreciate in an act.

The view from the Silver Sturgeon at Sunset.

For more info on our magicians, the Cover Brothers or the Counterfeit Tenors, get in touch via our Contact Page.