Sindhu Vee: Sandhog @ Soho Theatre - Event Review

January 14, 2019

It’s been a bit of time since our last comedy outing and who better to get us started in 2019 than Sindhu Vee, host of the Comedy of the Week podcast from BBC Radio 4 and guest star on numerous programmes including The Guilty Feminist podcast and Have I Got News For You? Starring in her solo show Sandhog at Soho Theatre, we were excited to see what Sindhu had in store!

The show began off-script because Sindhu had just taken a call from her parents in India. Her father had told her that Mum was crying and knowing she had a few minutes before the show started, she was duly put onto the line. Although an emergency was feared, it turns out that the crying was due to some questionable non-chronological reading of the news; her Mum was upset for Meghan Markle; just how would she fit in with the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge?

Love is a strong theme throughout Sandhog, a title chosen because—Well, it’s better to go and find out. It’s definitely a personal show, focusing on the difficulty of a twenty-year long marriage, how she must consistently win arguments over her rigid and rational Danish husband "for the good of the unit" and what it’s like to have children. Popular themes in stand-up comedy but Sindhu Vee managed to unearth some new home truths, comparing everything up to the wedding as a sprint and the rest of your married life as a few marathons that never end until one of you keels over. Eek!

For all that though, there is a lot to enjoy in being married. Knowing that someone knows you better than you know yourself and as Sindhu notes, it’s worth it because nobody wants to reach old age and be lonely. She allows the audience to consider this by thinking of both an old couple walking together and then an old lady hobbling alone. The audience cry out with ‘aww’ at the first image and sigh sadly at the second.

“But we know nothing about these people!” screams Sindhu, “That old lady may be hobbling back to her forty-year-old toyboy!” A fair point indeed. The main takeaway that one has from the set is just how likeable Sindhu Vee is. Sure, she may leave random bits of plastic around her house annoying her husband but she is so cheerful and friendly on stage that she’ll warm the heart of all who see her. It is a fun hour of comedy and we highly recommend that you go and see Sandhog before it ends for a healthy dose of laughter to see in 2019.

To book tickets for Sindhu Vee: Sandhog, you can purchase tickets from the Soho Theatre website here. The January run is sold out but there have been more dates added for May!  



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By Henry Fosdike