Showcase Part One: Royal Footmen, Acro Road-Works, Crystal Balls and More

July 22, 2011

The Marriott County Hall was host to our recent Showcase event featuring some of our most dazzling performers. The event was a chance for a select few clients to see the bewilderingly wide range of entertainment that Sternberg Clarke can offer featuring music, comedy, dance, circus and cabaret. So much entertainment in fact, that we're going to have to split it into 2 different posts if that's quite alright with you.

To start with, we'll focus on 'background' acts and then move onto the stage shows in another post.

But background isn't quite the word for the entertainment that greeted guests when they arrived at the Marriott County Hall. Giving the guests a traditional London welcome were, who else? Road workers. Might not sound like the best first impression to give but what initially appeared to be a bunch of guys in High Vis Jackets managed to make magic out of the mundane by flipping, tumbling and tossing each other into the air with the help of a few cones and road signs.

The Royal The Royal Footmen give guests a Royal Welcome (These weren't guests, they were just a family going into the hotel. The boy looks scared - sorry boy)

Ushering guests into the performance area were a Sternberg Clarke Favourite - the Royal Footmen, whose bowing, scraping comedy routine gave guests a unique taste of British eccentricity.

Contact Juggler Stewart, displaying what Tony Montana might refer to as "Cahones" - on second thoughts...

Our mesmerising contact jugglers were on hand to greet guests as they rode the elevator up to the performance area with wandering displays of crystal ball manipulation. In eye catching red costumes, our male and female duo provided a cool, calm contrast to the slap-stick of the other acts.

For legal reasons we have to point out that othis is a magic trick and not one of Spencer's world famous 'Come Ons'

As guests took their seats for afternoon tea, close-up magician Spencer Wood proved why he's in such high demand for corporate events with his mind boggling mix  sleight of hand tricks and mentalism. Guests were delighted with Spencer's quick and clever illusions as well as his charming, witty personality.

String Trio Meridian perform a set at the Marriott County Hall

Providing background music as guests enjoyed a selection of finger foods and drinks were a string of brilliant musicians; starting with the sleek, elegant Juniper Wind Trio who performed a genre spanning mix of tunes from their vast catalogue of classical, jazz and pop arrangements. Staying with background classical music; Meridian String Trio kept things classy as guests sampled the selection of cakes and pastries on offer and generally got aquainted.

Helen Nash performs on piano for showcase guests

Rounding out the background part of the evening was our beautiful and talented pianist Helen who perfomed a handful of delicately arranged songs that provided the perfect accompaniment to the tasteful, relaxed section of the evening.

We're not just about entertainment - we also like cakes - can't book cakes to do 3 x 45 minute slots at an event though.

Working in the events industry, you pretty much expect to be greeted this way when you enter any room.

Video by Kit Oates

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