Sherlock Holmes Party Theme Ideas

January 06, 2016

Did you watch Sherlock last week? Were you one of the people who loved the fact that it rolled back the years to the 1880s or were you left utterly bemused when it transpired that ninety minutes of drama actually equated to about five minutes of real life (and most of it inside a mind palace)? Whichever person you are, you’ll still love our five fabulous ideas to create an unmissable Sherlock Holmes party theme.


 I mean, if there was anything to turn you into a consulting detective outside of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (cracking game by the way) then it just has to be CSI. The basic format allows for a variety of guests to ultimately solve a crime through a variety of teambuilding activities. Do you have what it takes to be a resident of 221b Baker Street or are you resigned to simply writing about the case in a style of Dr. Watson?


 Aside from cracking crimes, Sherlock Holmes is also known for his love of music, in particular gazing out at London’s clientele whilst playing a good old-fashioned violin. Now Sherlock might not quite be up to the level of the Balanas Sisters as he can't play the cello and since there’s only one of him, he probably can’t play arrangements that Wing can, but a violinist will no doubt go down a storm at your Sherlock party.

Costumed Characters

 Now what about putting that violinist into a costume? Oh yes, we can see it now. Deerstalker hat? Pipe? Whether you’re thinking the old fashioned version of Sherlock Holmes or the new Benedict Cumberbatch infused creation, we’re more than confident that tweed will get a look in. But which other characters should be present? Dr. Watson? Mrs. Hudson? An appearance from Moriarty wouldn’t go a miss either.

Silhouette Artist

 Described on our very own website as a ‘rare and timeless art form made popular in the Victorian era’, we think this is the perfect piece of Sherlock entertainment! What’s more, our incredible artists can even cut in various props should you desire them. So yes, every guest could be posing with a Sherlock themed prop if you so wanted! All that’s required is paper, scissors and a little time to stand still and your guests can go home with a wonderful original prop to remind them of the evening!

Eyecon Art

 Now you might be looking at that photo and thinking, “Really?” but run with us on this one because Eyecon Art is one of the coolest new acts on the entertainment events circuit. Sitting down with your guests, a photographer will take a photo of your eye, which you can then be sent at a later date. Now in terms of looking for clues, it’s all about seeing the bigger picture…and who hasn’t seen a famous drawing of Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass to his eye? This goes one better, providing the 2016 version!

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By Henry Fosdike