In Pictures: Shakespearean Costume @ British Museum

July 01, 2015

The weather is incredible at the moment, which means that it must be the start of that time of the year where a summer party works absolutley perfectly. Bearing this in mind, we were asked with putting a sumptuous array of characters from the world of William Shakespeare including the bard himself!

So which characters made the cut when putting on a Shakespeare party at the British Museum? We decided to steer clear of Coriolanus for obvious reasons, the primary one being that sometimes actors like to take their role a little too seriously and it wouldn't do to spill blood at a party. First up then, were the jesters wearing an eye-catching colourful costume (above), embodying the sense of fun that we wanted to create.

And who better than to admire these circus fools than the bard himself, William Shakespeare, tailored in fine black embroidery.

 Attempting to add some class to proceedings was King John, who carefully avoided the terrifying witches from Macbeth, presented in a spectacularly striking manner with their headpieces and makeup completing the look. Eek!

 Finally, it wouldn't be a William Shakespeare party without a visit from the most famous lovebirds of them all, Romeo and Juliet, pictured here lovingly gazing into one another's eyes (spoiler alert!) unaware of the tragedy that is due to befall them later in life. 

 All in all, the entire affair can best be described as A Midsummer Night's Dream (clever, eh?) and we can't wait for our next Shakespeare party





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By Henry Fosdike