Segway Jousting and Medieval Entertainment at the Tower of London

July 08, 2011


The Segway; punchline to countless transport jokes, vehicle of choice for a certain puppet wielding magician and participant in the most ironic death ever. The teetering two-wheeled brainchild of inventor and philanthropist Jimi Heselden has always held an irresistible allure for anyone who has come into contact with one. So when we were asked to combine a medieval theme with a touch of the modern-day; Charlotte’s fascination with the most ridiculous form of transport of the 20th century surfaced with a cry of “Segway Jousting” and a new form of corporate entertainment was born.

Charlotte tries out the Segways... For Health and Safety Purposes... Of Course.

Guests at the Tower of London went head to head in an inflatable arena provided by Ultimate Experience.  Fearless contestants charged at each other on their bi-wheeled electro-steeds and trying to hit a bulls-eye on their ceremonial combat tabard. Points were awarded for accuracy and bravery but, to be perfectly honest – most combatants just wanted to get on a Segway dressed like a giant target and wave a big colourful stick around. Which is fine.

Guests take aim in our Laser Archery Challenge

But let’s not make it all about the Jousting, eh? There were plenty of other acts on hand to delight guests at the medieval themed event. Keeping with the theme of bringing the middle ages to the present day, a la Segway Jousting, we also supplied a Laser Archery tournament giving guests a chance to test their aim against each other with electronic displays and laser bows.

You could say we're a Talon't Agency...

Adding to Ye Olde theme were a bevy of acts fit for a King (Or Queen) including a falconry expert (and falcon), fire dancers, acrobatic stilt walkers and some rather lovely themed living tables dispensing a selection of food and drinks. Elsewhere, our escapologist Mr Flay proved that not even the Tower of London can hold him with a display of frantic wriggling and twisting that left guests with their hearts in their mouths.

Too embarassed to go over to the living tables for some bowl food, Mr Flay resorts to gnawing on his own wrists. Something he calls a "Flay Mignon

The entertainment on show was intended to help guests break the ice, and it’s always easier to strike up a conversation through a shared activity – and when the shared activity is taming a hawk or driving two-wheeled vehicles at each other in a tent then there’s no shortage of talking points. Also, since the guests were mostly overseas – the entertainment gave them not only a touch of (admittedly shaky) British history, but also a chance to transcend language barriers through the medium of Jousting.

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Guests were greeted by thither 'Acrobatic Stilt Walkers' who-so formed an Archway through which they didst Pass... nonny nonny...

Guests were greeted by thither 'Acrobatic Stilt Walkers' who-so formed an Archway through which they didst Pass... nonny nonny...

Cursed with 5 foot wide hips from birth, this otherwise attractive girl had no choice but to go into the oldest profession of all - Living Tables.

This guest enjoys the Flame Dancers under the watchful eye of the Fire Safety Zebra

Abandon all third and fourth wheels all ye who enter here