Scottish Dancers and Bagpiper at Dickens Inn

November 24, 2011


 While the Scots ponder whether to remain the UK at all, we chose to show there was no hard feelings by putting on a display of traditional Scottish Entertainment at the famous Dickens Inn on St Katherine Docks. Scottish Entertainment? Dickens? London? "Surely, Sternberg Clarke have their national wires crossed?" You'd be forgiven for thinking so, however St Katherine Docks has a strong Scottish connection thanks to Civil Engineer Thomas Telford whose work on the docks was his only major project in London. There's your Scottish Connection... case closed.  

Bagpipe secret - second pipe from the right leads to a carton of Ribena... not Iron Bru as some may claim.
The legendary venue is believed to have been first built in the 18th Century and was used as a warehouse, even surviving the air raids of WWII before being condemned in the 1970s. The building was reborn in the style of a three storey balconied inn made popular in the 18th Century as would have been frequented by the building's namesake Charles Dickens. The cosy, atmospheric venues is perfect for small events for up to 150 guests and lent itself brilliantly to traditional forms of entertainment.

It's good to finally put the question of "Who is a Little Tea Pot?" to rest,
And few come more traditional than the Scottish acts we supplied for the event last week. Guests were greeted with a performance from our bagpiper who performed in full traditional costume including kilt and beret. Keeping things distinctly north-of-the-border-ish, our pair of Scottish Dancers performed an authentic Highland dance routine to a specially made backing track which delighted audience members with a flurry of fast footwork.

The Food at Dickens broke from the "Deep Fried Shortbread" stereotype for this Scottish Themed Event

 Guests applaud the entertainment agency that supplied the entertainment... that is definitely what's happening here.
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