Pastiche, Magic and Science Themed Entertainment at Newbury Racecourse

November 13, 2013

As any event planner knows; picking the right corporate event entertainment is a science; one that can either make you a hero among your peers or blow up spectacularly in your face. Fortunately the former was the case for this event at Newbury Racecourse where we supplied a handful of science themed acts and activities for an evening with laboratorial feel.

Photo by Julia WhiteWhen it comes to science related lookalikes one figure towers above the rest in terms of recognisability – that’s right Nils Bohr Albert Einstein. The iconic physicist and moustache-haver made an appearance at Newbury Racecourse to meet & greet guests and pose for photos throughout the evening. Continuing the science theme, our magician Gareth donned a lab coat for a set of close-up magic tricks inspired by scientific discoveries.

Photo by Julia WhiteElsewhere, guests’ reaction speeds were put to the test with the aid of our Batak machine which gave party-goers a chance to warm up before they strutted their collective stuff to function band Pastiche and their selection of cover versions from the last few decades.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. Big Thanks to Julia White for the Pictures.

Photo by Julia WhitePhotos by Julia WhitePhoto by Julia WhitePhoto by Julia White Photo by Julia WhiteFor more information on booking any of the acts featured in today’s post, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen