Scareberg Clarke: Our Top 5 Spooky Entertainment Ideas

October 29, 2011


*Crereeeaaaaakkkk* (that's the door opening to our vault of spooky entertainment ideas for corporate events this Halloween) *Yaaaaaaaarrrrrghhhh* (that's a pianist screaming) *Grrrrrinddddd* that's the gears in somebody's head turning as they try to figure out a way to jump onto the Halloween band wagon with some kind of 'list feature'...

Though we may have designated this month as Comedy Month, October has a rather spooky punchline thanks to "All Hallows Even" and we've been dealing with plenty of spine chilling entertainment enquiries for various 'ween parties around London and the UK.

So what works best for a Halloween Themed Corporate Event? There's the usual suspects - witches, skeleton costume, zombies... they're fine and all, but for real scares you need to go the extra mile. So sit back (Or hunch forward) and we'll tell you how to give your event guests a fright with out handy Top 5 Spooky Entertainment Ideas. *Wooooooohhhh!*

"Fangs for booking me for that Corporate Event" - No Problem, Guy.

Baron Von Grindle

Bats are scary, vampires are scary, ergo a man emerging from a giant bat-cocoon as a bloodthirsty vampire should be pretty scary. Do bats live in cocoons? No, no they do not. But the zoological fallacies of the Baron's act only serve to make it creepier. Von Grindle spends the evening hanging from his perch, occasionally lunging for guests should they get too close. It's enough to put any teenage girl off the idea of Robert Pattinson for life, and for that reason alone - Baron Von Grindle should be touring High Schools around the country.

He was *feline* a little strange... so he dressed up as a cat and played the piano in a top hat.


No matter how long you work in Corporate Entertainment, you still have the urge to check under your bed at night for Humanimals. These body painted animal impersonators display an alarming commitment to their art, spending entire evenings 'in character' as their chosen beast. And while it's creepy enough to strip almost nude and paint yourself as a leopard - there's something about a top hat wearing black cat that screams... well it just screams.

Mr Flay doesn't specialise in off the cuff remarks so much as offing his cuffs remarkably

Mr Flay

Unlike the other acts on this list so far, Mr Flay isn't frightening in the sense that he might suck your blood or sit on my lap just staring at me. Fear in My Flay's act comes from what might happen to Mr Flay should something go wrong. Of course, nothing is really going to go wrong because Edwin Flay is a veteran getter-outer-of-things, but Flay's true skill comes from making even the most cynical observer peek through the gaps between their fingers as he wriggles and jolts his joints through all manner of gothic chains, cuffs, bags, straightjackets and locks.

Face to face discussion is always important with our acts: it's best to sort things our man-to-mantis

Bug Stilts

"Sometimes I wonder about the creator of the Universe" wrote Kurt Vonnegut in Breakfast of Champions - he was discussing the vicious 'design' of rattlesnakes but the sentiment must also extend to insects, spiders and all manner of creepy crawlies. For anyone who’s ever leaped a foot in the air at the sight of a spider, we'd suggest taking that spider and making it 7 feet tall, then having it wander round an event. Mandibles and giant sticky guest-catching web are almost entirely optional.

It was tough to get this picture onto the website - it takes up a lot of RAM


No seriously, you want scary - Humanimals. Sometimes I feel like they're following me down the street. I can't take bin bags out at night because I think there's one hiding in the dumpster. I sleep with a baseball bat and a can of pepper spray under my pillow.

For more scary entertainment ideas - get in touch via our Spooky Contact Section. *Woooooooohh*