Russian Entertainment Ideas

June 05, 2018

It may feel like a long time for football fanatics, but it really is just ten days until the World Cup in Russia. 32 nations will convene on Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities to play football under the eyes of the world. How do we in the events industry celebrate this fact? By holding themed parties of course! If you’re at a loss for Russian entertainment event ideas then feel free to read this blog to give you some ideas.

Cossack Dancers

 Perhaps the most obvious option for your event, book Cossack dancers for a fabulously Russian experience! Able to perform a choreographed performance that is guaranteed to have guests thinking that they too can accomplish this most difficult of dances, we strongly advising booking Cossack dancers ASAP as they are the most sought after Russian entertainment act this summer. Oh and don’t try to copy what you see; the dancers only make it look easy because they are professionals!

Ballet Performance

 If you had to list famous Russian or Russian entertainment, we feel that Tchaikovsky would be quite high up on your list. Whether you prefer Swan Lake or The Nutcracker is immaterial because our ballet dancers can perform both! How better to pay homage to the World Cup in Russia than by enjoying a bespoke five to ten minute performance of a ballet in a stunning venue? We’ve created just such an event in the Natural History Museum and Mansion Housebefore…could your event be next?

Moscow State Circus

 Okay, we aren’t advising that you book the entire Moscow State Circus but many excellent circus performers are Russian and we can highly recommend booking an aerial silk artist, aerial hoop artist, an acrobat, etc. If you theme your event around the circus rather than the World Cup then guests will no doubt be grateful for the reprieve. Booking circus acts always ensure shocked faces and a roar of applause so you can’t go wrong!

Sphere Contortion

 Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words and that is definitely true of Sphere Contortion. Just look at the image above. Our fabulous Russian acrobat Valerie performs a top a glittering rotating sphere, ensuring that everybody will have the best view of her act at some point. Her feats of strength, balance and flexibility are a sight to behold and we highly recommend her incredible act for your event this summer!


 Okay, so this one is a bit of a joke entry due to the links between the UK and Russia in the news over the past six months or so! That being said, booking CSI is a great idea if you are looking for a team building activity that is also great fun. Climb into your Silent Witness-style jumpsuit, l earn how to search for fingerprints and solve the crime! Unlike any other form of entertainment that we put out, booking CSI is a must!

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By Henry Fosdike