Romantic Valentine's Day Entertainment Ideas

February 04, 2016

It’s getting ever closer! Have you booked your restaurant table yet? Ordered the rose petals that you will liberally throw all across the bed? Cancelled the glitter idea after the startling realisation that it’s practically impossible to get the sparkly nightmare material out of the floor? If yes to all these, then you’re probably here to get some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas to make it truly special. Without further ado…

Wine Tasting

 Is there anything more romantic than wine tasting? This is a wonderful way to while away a few hours with your loved one before cracking out the champagne and forgetting anything about Valentine’s Day at all. Throughout a wine tasting, you get to learn about wine from all over the world as well as what to look for in a red, a white or – the horror – a rosé.


 If you’ve reached down the back of the sofa and come across a few spare pennies, then what better way to showcase your love for your partner than by unleashing Lovestruck upon them! This freestanding rig is perfect to showcase your choice of Valentine’s entertainment (you could probably book it without any entertainment at all but that seems rather indulgent) and will definitely get the pulse racing!


 A slightly more traditional but no less interesting affair, a lovely graphologist is a fantastic Valentine’s idea to ensure that love is in the air! Is there anything more romantic than a handwritten note? Perhaps; with a graphologist, your loved one not only gets to read your message but understand the meaning behind it. It’s endlessly fascinating and often the most popular stand at events! What does your handwriting say about you? (Hopefully that you’re a good catch!)


 I mean sure, you could hire a string quartet if you like but what can be more romantic than a harpist? A private harpist recital for you and your beau. Well… How about two harpists? Is that romantic enough for you? Maybe for you but not for us. Three? Nope. Swift provide an incredible four harpists at once, all performing just for you. That’s four times the stunning notes that you usually get! The only difficulty in whether to book it is how on earth you’d top it next year.

Singing Telegram

 There’s nothing more romantic than singing a personalised message to your loved one but if you happen to be tone deaf like Stephen Fry (good fact, huh?) then it’s probably better to hire a singing telegram to deliver the message in your place. They’re well dressed, tuneful and will deliver with a smile! So pick the song, they’ll concentrate on the arrangement and you can lean back content in the knowledge that you have once again nailed Valentine’s Day. Now to start thinking about their birthday…

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By Henry Fosdike