Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Entertainment to Hire

August 08, 2016

We have done a fair few Olympics-themed blogs in the past week or two and today is no different as we go through a number of the brilliant performances on display that you too can hire for your event or party.

 It was a spectacular and colourful affair that celebrated Brazil’s history and the importance of the environment, so there is sure to be something that caught your eye.

Free Running

 Without a doubt one of the stand outs of the Rio opening ceremony, free running is a little used form of entertainment at events, but when it is booked it proves to be a hit with every guest at the venue. We’ve had free runners jumping over violinists and also had them run through the Science Museum, but in order to match the performance at Rio 2016, some projection mapping would need to be involved. That being said, it’s not too much of a problem to put together so get in touch for a truly visual piece of entertainment!

Samba Dancers

 We said they’d be there and although it’s not the most impressive prediction of all time, samba dancers certainly provided a host of colour and vibrancy which was well with in line with the rest of the performance. The rainbow of colour showed off the pride that Brazilians have for their nation and helped to enhance the party atmosphere. If you’re looking to hire samba dancers, please click here for more information.

Spanish Guitar

 The Brazilian national anthem was played at the Olympics ceremony on a Spanish guitar. It goes without saying that you can hire a singer-guitarist for your event and that they’re one of the cheapest acts you can book in the world of entertainment. Wahey! It’s certainly a beautiful idea for background music and served to provide a slightly more mellow moment over the course of the evening.

Tap Dancing

 There was a whole host of tap dancing on the display during the opening ceremony as a large group of performers climbed sky scrapers and moved in perfect unison to highlight the scale of industry that arrived in Brazil in the 20th century. Loud, proud and a fab showcase of entertainment on a global scale.

Fire Dancers

 Fire dancing featured in Rio for only a couple of minutes, with twenty performers on either side of the Maracana stadium providing wonderful flashes of orange amidst the darkened stage. Fire can be mesmerising during night time events and Rio 2016 was a perfect example of this. You might be thinking that they can only be booked for outdoor parties, but amazingly some acts can be hired for an indoor show thanks to the unique composition of the tools used.

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By Henry Fosdike