Rhubarb Set Sail Aboard the Silver Sturgeon

April 04, 2011



Back in September, we tearfully kissed Summer goodbye aboard the Silver Sturgeon as part of Woods Silver Fleet's last 'Silver Lining' HYPERLINK "http://www.silverfleet.co.uk/gallery/silver-lining-party/"Party - it was a perfect way to usher in 5 months lashed with rain and wind, broken up by the occasional snow-storm. There were events in the meantime, sure, some of them were even aboard the Silver Sturgeon, but there was a pleasant cyclical feeling to welcoming back the warmer months on Thursday night for Wood's Silver Fleet's Silver Lining Party.


It was an opportunity for Silverfleet to showcase some of the hottest Summer Trends as mentioned in their recent newsletter (Which also gave the thumbs up to one of our most popular function bands Fables and Friends) giving guests the chance to sample some of the best food, drinks and entertainment that'll be all the rage over the warmer months. With with meticulously crafted canapes provided by Rhubarb, catering staff were mobbed from the second they appeared out of the kitchen (no wait... Galley), Liquidchefs went off the beaten path with their seasonal menu of unique cocktails; the Irish Julep in particular made a big impression on anyone who tried it.


When it comes to entertaining guests aboard a boat; the choice of act is crucial to the evening. Guests tend to wander around the Silver Sturgeon taking in the sights from the top deck, checking out ice sculptures from Icebox, strolling through the boat to the bar at the back (I mean stern... stern) and pursuing handsome, bearded, oyster-bearing Scottish men in kilts (Alice, come back, stop stroking his arm. Stop it.)


In these instances, the audience is split over different levels facing in different directions and engaged in all manner of fascination conversations - it's events like this that we feel suit our act Organic Jam best of all; on this occasion, Violinist Jesse strolled through guests whilst performing to a backing created by our DJ - Lyndsay, who remained at her booth by the bar playing suitably slick Cafe Del Mar-style chill-out music, as guests took in the sights on the river.


Also milling about the guests was portrait artist Morgan, who stalked around the boat drawing guests in the style of fashion illustrators - creating elegant, stylish keep-sakes for those in attendance and providing the perfect talking point for those aboard the Silver Sturgeon. Take a look in the gallery below for more pictures from the evening and if any of the acts catch your eye, get in touch at sales@sternbergclarke.co.uk