Review: Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2011

October 07, 2011



Is it still comedy month? Yes it’s still comedy month. So what better time to check out the talent at this year’s Leicester Square Theatre: New Comedian of the Year Award. No better time is when.  Especially since this year’s competition is packed with some genuinely exciting undiscovered acts that should be of particular interested to the Corporate Events Industry.

Compere David Hardcastle started the show by pointing out that statistically, in this round of the competition only half of a person would make it through to the final thanks to there being over 300 entrants. That seemed a little harsh; it wouldn’t be surprising if more than one entire person from this heat made it through. The judges seemed to agree putting a couple of stand-out performers through.

It was a varied night showcasing a number of different styles of stand up, some had too much manic energy to make it through a sentence, others were softly spoken but still hilarious, and a giant panda (Darren Maskall) made jokes about clothes hangers. There was of course, plenty of self-deprecating opening salvos too, a personal favourite being a man who described himself as “a cross between a Bee Gee and Jesus” which was disconcertingly accurate.

Liam Reeve won the crowd over with his relaxed attitude and cleverly plotted routine that weaved between gags in a deeply satisfying way. Harriet Kemsley shone with excellent material and a unique, faltering style of delivery that deservedly won her this year’s Funny’s Funny competition. The other act to go through to the next round was Kerry Bilson, who made for a nice change of pace with her brutally honest and extremely funny material about being a single mum.  

The Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year Competition is running from now until the live final on 11th December 2011 in the main house – well worth a look for comedy fans. 

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