Reindeer Stilts @ London EDITION Hotel

November 23, 2018

Reindeer Stilt Walkers are one of those acts where you think you know what you’re getting until they walk into the room. In most people’s imagination, stilts involve being on two legs but with Reindeer Stilts, they go all the way and walk in on four. It is incredible and has to be seen to be believed. Luckily for reader of this blog, we have a number of photos from a recent event at the London EDITION Hotel that showcases a pair of Reindeer Stilt Walkers in all their glory. Photographs have been provided by the hugely talented Oliver Rudkin.

  When it comes to booking Christmas entertainment, how soon is too soon? We think now is just the right time for Christmas characters to start appearing so it was with uttery joy that we were able to book Reindeer Stilt Walkers for this event in the heart of Fitzrovia. With the Christmas tree twinkling in the background, guests were happy to sip their drinks and sample the canapés unaware that their mind was about to be blown by what would follow next; the reindeer stilts in all their glory.


 Walking into the room to provide a surprise for guests, the duo stunned the first few people to see them – just look at that lady on the left! But soon guests warmed to our furry friends, even plucking up the courage to get a little closer and yes, even stroke their heads.

 Needless to say, the reindeer stilt walkers provide a very visual circus act and it wasn’t long before the phones came out, everybody taking photos for Instagram and no doubt hashtagging them with all the key phrases. Aside from strolling about the venue, the reindeer were also able to enjoy sipping from a drink or trying to anyway.

 A lovely location for an event, the London EDITION Hotel provided the perfect space for our roaming reindeer stiltwalkers and we cannot wait to return at a later date.



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By Henry Fosdike