5 Records to Break at your Event

April 17, 2015

As you may or may not be aware, the independent record store is under threat. In an effort to keep it going, each year there are a small handful of recordings released on the day in various formats. Exciting releases this year include Metallica’s original demos available on a cassette tape, a Monty Python duet with Stephen Hawking and the soundtrack to Psycho on 7” vinyl. Ooh.

Now we aren’t a record store, but maybe it’s a different record you want to get involved with at your event? In that case we can definitely help!

The Largest Air Guitar Ensemble

Perfect for a large corporate event, why not try and break the record for Largest Air Guitar Ensemble? The current record stands at 2,377 people all playing along to the same tune at the same time and we think having a live band playing that tune would almost certainly make the difference between a half-hearted attempt and a record breaker. Keep it fun and light hearted by bringing Beato Burrito in on the action and one song later, you can shout at the 2,377 former record holders that it’s “Nacho record anymore!” Get it? Because... Because they’re a Mariachi band and... And nachos are Mexican and... Never mind.

The Most Tennis Balls Caught Blindfolded in One Minute

Apparently this really is a record and considering the record is 11, it seems beatable by at least one of the guests at your private event or wedding (because nothing says matrimony quite like having a Guinness representative standing to the side of the photographer with a clipboard). In order to get your guests into the spirit of the event, why not hire T2 to show off with their football skills, maybe some stilt walkers to have people gawping well ahead of the record attempt and maybe even a comedian to keep the laughs flowing as one by one your guests return to their seats head bowed with 11 suddenly not seeming like such an easy target.

Longest Unicycle Chain

Here at Sternberg Clarke, we love the unicycle. Hell, we even did a blog on how to learn the unicycle. As such, we can totally get on board with this record although we must admit that 346 people sounds like a rather hard record to beat. Why not make it a circus-themed day though by hiring a clown, some aerial artists and an acrobalance duo to keep the masses engaged even when they’re queuing to meet the designated first aider.

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Saint Patrick

Perhaps your event is Irish-themed, you're an Irish company, the product that you're launching has an Irish link or you just want to steal a record from school children. Whatever the reason, you’ll need 883 participants to beat the record by Saint Brigid’s National School and presumably you’ll need 883 costumes. It won’t be easy but we can certainly help and why not hire a Ceilidh band to keep spirits up? Or maybe even an expert on Saint Peter. It’ll certainly be a day to remember!

Largest Piano Ensemble

We have a number of hotel residencies in place with various venues including The Ritz and The Connaught. Perhaps you own a hotel and want to put yours on the map by breaking a record? We can certainly help with that and feel that assembling the largest piano ensemble might go some way to making it happen. All you’ll need are 556 pianos, 556 pianists and over a thousand burly folk willing to move the instruments into position. How hard can it be?   




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By Henry Fosdike