Recent Events Roundup: Handstand Swimming Show, New Cross Hot Club and Wandering Hands Rap

August 06, 2012

It’s been a busy summer in the offices of London’s leading supplier of corporate event entertainment with some of our top acts performing all over London and the UK. There’s been no shortage of great events from the last few weeks, but if we were forced to pick a couple (which we’re not) we’d probably go for the following...

 Contortionist Sally Miller’s swimming themed hand-balancing show has received plenty of interest this year, no doubt thanks to the Olympics. As we mentioned in our recent ‘Top 5’ article on sporting entertainment ideas, it’s not easy to bring swimming into a corporate event but Sally’s clever mix of acrobalance and contortion manages to convey the floating feel of synchronised swimming without any of that troublesome water.

 Tower Bridge has been a focal point over the Olympics thanks to its prominent ‘Olympic Ring’ logo that hangs under the walkways, and while it’s been a much snapped landmark for tourists visiting London, nothing quite compares to the view from inside. Veteran ‘Hot Club’ style jazz experts New Cross Hot Club were on hand to perform to guests on the iconic bridge.

We featured some pics from Wandering Hands’ performance aboard the Silver Sturgeon in its own blog last week but we’ve just got hold of a little video of the trio  singing Jessie J’s ‘Pricetag’ complete with the little rapping bit which I bet you didn’t think they’d do, but they did. Yet another reason to vote for them at this year's Event Awards

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