Recent Events Round Up: Jazz, Blues, Indian Music

November 21, 2012


You sure do plenty of corporate events, Sternberg Clarke. Thank you, it’s most kind of you to notice. No problem, but what I wondered is, what do you when you get the occasional ‘stray’ picture that does not, in itself, warrant a whole post? I’ll happily tell you; we wait until there are a few built up and then we make a sort of ‘round up’ blog featuring a few of those pictures. How very industrious. Isn’t it though?

 Dixieland jazz trio The Blind Tigers have some ardent fans here at London’s leading supplier of entertainment. But while their straw boater/cravat laden brand of shuffling New Orleans Jazz may seem exclusively suited to a relaxed summer garden party, we assure you they go down a treat when the nights draw in too. Their energetic take on background jazz takes inspiration from Dixieland legends like Louis Armstrong and Jelly-Roll Morton and is great for setting a fun, lively atmosphere. We see them here, in their natural habitat – at a company’s offices for a corporate drinks reception.

 Taking influence from another strain of early Jazz, The New Cross Hot Club specialise in, as the name suggests, the Hot Club style Jazz of the 20s and 30s (The New Hot Cross club on the other hand, deal mainly in ‘buns’). Where most Jazz trios opt for Bass, Keys and Sax – New Cross generally perform with Bass, Guitar and Fiddle, recreating the sounds of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli. But the talented pool of musicians that make up New Cross Hot Club mean they can perform in all manner of instrumental configurations – always a nice option for crowds that have seen their share of jazz bands at events. Here they are at 8 Northumberland for an awards ceremony.

 Performing at the same event and offering a complete about turn from New Cross were our Sitar and Tabla Duo who provided authentic Indian background music during dinner. The duo were a brilliant fit for the ceremony which celebrated achievement among young international businesspeople.  Once again, avid events goers are always pleased to see a twist on the usual background music and the Sitar and Tabla Duo is a distinctive enough to make any event stand out. (It's worth pointing out that the guys are sound checking here and usually perform in full costume.)

 Finally, our Blues Brothers Tribute act took to the stage for a recent  wedding at Tate Britain (along with the aforementioned Blind Tigers but we’ve already shown you a picture of them and they were in a dark corner so it was a little more blurry than I’m comfortable with). The band reeled off hits such as “Soul Man”, “Everybody Needs Somebody”, “Think” and Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” which I did not remember being in the film*.

For more information on booking any of these acts for upcoming corporate events or private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

*It wasn’t.

By Garreth Owen