Recent Events: Paul Zenon and Bruce Airhead at Madame Tussaud's

February 29, 2012


If we were assembling some kind of Cabaret Entertainment dream team - a Cabaret Justice League/Avengers/Super Best Friends if you will - two spots on this team would no doubt be taken up by two of the acts that featured in a recent event at world famous waxwork museum Madame Tussaud's.

"I'll have a Vodka Martini, neither shaken, nor stirred but swung around above someone's head on a chain"
Stage magician Paul Zenon and cabaret sensation Bruce Airhead took to the stage at Madam T's for a show crammed with seemingly impossible feats of dexterity and sleight of hand. Mr Zenon was up first and performed a number of his signature tricks, no doubt familiar from his countless TV appearances. Guests at the event were mesmerized by Paul's swinging Pint Glass Trick in which hetakes a pint glass (full to the brim with some distinctly 'un-magic' lager) balances it on a wooden plank at the end of a long piece of rope and then swings the glass around the room without spilling a drop on himself or the audience.

Bruce Airhead doing a little dance that I won't make fun of because he's a big guy...
Regular readers of the blog will be familiar with cabaret legend Bruce Airhead and his astonishing 'man in a bubble' act in which he strips down to a leotard, oils himself up and plunges his entire body into an inflatable green balloon. What they might not be familiar with is Bruce's special Olympic Themed variation on the act, where instead of emerging from the Balloon in his usual guise as 'The King', he bursts out to the strains of the national anthem, sporting a medal that we can only assume he won inside the balloon... wait, where did he get that tracksuit?

In the 19th Century, a mere glimpse of a woman's lower-leg from inside a giant green balloon was enough to have her banished to an even larger balloon from which there was no danger of errant limbs emerging
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