Recent Events: Ballet Snowglobe, Acrobalance and Explorers at Shakespeare’s Globe

December 18, 2012

In what could prove to be one of the last Recent Event posts of 2012, we check in on an eclectic mix of Christmas entertainment performing at one of London’s most recognisable venues – Shakespeare’s Globe. This recent event gave guests a frosty reception with a mix of dance, circus and costumed actors on hand to transform the Underglobe into a genuine Winter Wonderland.

Ice to see our frosty explorers still getting work Welcoming guests into the venue were our pair of intrepid, frost bitten explorers who braved the icy winds whipping along the banks of the Thames to point guests inside. Wearing full costumes and sporting specially frosted hair and make-up – the duo had guests in stitches with their teeth chattering hi-jinks.

Our Acrobalance duo displaying the kind of poise usually reserved for navigating icy high streets at this time of yearInside, guests were treated to a display from our acrobalance duo who performed a Winter themed dance show in dazzling white costumes. Using a plinth situated in the centre of the stage, the skilled circus performers put on an astonishing display of hand balancing as an after dinner show.  Acrobalance acts are a great option for event entertainment; able to work as an ambient performance or as more of a feature of the evening as they were in this case.

There-s'no Globe like the Underglobe (Ey?!? Ey?!?)Finally, we’ve had plenty of dance and ballet on the blog over the course of 2012, but as of yet, none of these acts have performed in a snowglobe. (Probably because it wasn’t Christmas.) Our pair of ballet dancers took up position inside a custom made inflatable globe (fittingly considering the venue) and performed a number of short pieces amidst a flurry of artificial snow.

Could this be the Grizzly demise of our Explorers? I can't... (Paws for Effect) *BEAR* to watch! (Puns within puns!)For more information on booking any of the acts featured in today’s post – head over to our contact page and get in touch.