Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? - Live Podcast Review

March 05, 2018

It’s increasingly fair to say that the world has become more and more attuned to podcasts in recent years. The likes of Serial have captured the attention and now there seems to be a podcast for any and every interest. From the extremely broad categories to the increasingly niche, there’s something for everyone. As a fan of nineties football, two members of the office popped along to watch a live podcast recording of Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? Live at the Leicester Square Theatre. Here’s what went down!

Presented by Chris Scull, Josh Widdicombe and Michael Marden, Quickly Kevin, Will He Score? is a podcast for anybody who grew up during the 1990s, when English football went from being a simple sport to a multi-million pound behemoth with the advent of the Premier League. Exotic players with exciting names would arrive in the country with a fabled career which very few could fact check since the Internet wasn’t exactly widespread. It was a time when sports science was barely even an idea and nutrition almost certainly wasn’t on a club’s agenda. If you were a football mad child in the 1990s then this is the podcast for you.

With the title of the show coming from those involved misremembering a famous piece of commentary, you might get an idea for just how organised the evening is. It is all planned and organised but it feels slightly anarchic and…well, fun! With the podcast returning for a third series later this month, the presenters take it on themselves to add a little something to the live show that wouldn’t work when listening; that’s right, we were treated to a number of hilarious 90s videos of footballers completely lacking in media training.

If that’s not enough for you, there was also a talk of tactics in a nineties style (4-4-2), chatting to audience members and their run-ins with nineties footballers (Tony Adams crashed out to one ticket holder’s dad in a hotel table tennis competition) and admiration of those who had turned up in their childhood football attire. It’s fair to say the audience was predominantly male but this is a show for anybody who watched David Beckham’s goal from the halfway line with awe and wonder…and who can also name the unfortunate goalkeeper on the receiving end of such an audacious lob (Neil Sullivan).

As with many podcasts, Quickly Kevin had a special guest for the evening in the form of comedian Matt Forde, a keen Nottingham Forest fan. Naturally he and Josh Widdicombe provided much of the laughter of the evening, though Chris and Michael were also warmly received. To give you some idea of the finale to this live podcast recording, it was a ‘penalty shootout’ of opening a packet of Premier League stickers from 1996. If that’s your thing (and it’s certainly ours), then this is the show for you. The guest in this particular game was lucky enough to walk away with a photo of Ryan Giggs, Lee Sharpe, Mark Hughes and err…Clayton Blackmore signed by…Clayton Blackmore. Nice.

This event won’t work for everyone but for those that love football and are fans of Widdicombe and his style of comedy, you’ll be in for a treat. From hunting down old footballers on social media (former Newcastle United and Chelsea defender Gavin Peacock’s Twitter is particularly interesting) to a live read of Steve Bruce’s novel, there was a lot to enjoy. A fun evening and if you want to catch up with the podcast ahead of the next series, feel free to check out the official website here.



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By Neil Redfearn