Q&A with Sky the Magician - Magic Month

January 13, 2020

Magic Month continues at SC Towers and how better to celebrate than by interviewing a magician on our roster? The always excellent Sky the magician was more than happy to chat to us and answer a few questions about magic at events.

How and why did you become a magician?

I always loved magic since childhood and dabbled in basic tricks but nothing pro. I then decided to study the art form seriously. Reason for learning: It’s a great way to connect with people! I studied magic as I teach music in mental hospitals for children and magic is a great way to break the ice with young people who are emotionally withdrawn and going through a difficult time in their lives. I love how magic puts a smile on children’s faces and indeed everyone I perform for. 

What sort of magic tricks do you perform?

I love digital magic and hypnosis. Digital magic works really well in our world of social media and it’s very powerful for a participant to see the reveal on their phones. I love performing hypnosis as you have the ability to give a willing and suggestible participant literally any command! I can also do the usual card tricks and magic with numerous props.

For how long do magicians tend to work at events?

Usually 2/3 hours but I never clock watch! I don’t leave the venue until everyone has experienced the magic. 

Can you describe your favourite magic trick?

It’s impossible to choose one! I’ll mention a few: 

Walking through the Great Wall of China - David Copperfield

Street levitation - David Blaine

Restoring a bill with the mouth - David Blaine

Walking on the River Thames - Dynamo 

Card tricks - David Blaine

Who is your magic idol?

David Blaine

Marc Kerstein 

Dan Farrant 

Kevin Tasker 

Do you have any tips for somebody wanting to become a magician?

Practice and only do it if you love it! Just think of the beautiful reactions you’ll get and know that you’ve just changed someone’s day! They’ll remember you forever!

What makes booking a magician at a corporate event a good idea?

A good magician adds a wow factor and brings something special to the ‘guest experience’

Why are magicians so popular at weddings?

Magicians encourage guests to communicate and discuss possible explanations to the magical secrets! It also added to the guest experience and they will never forget how special you made them feel. 

Have you ever performed for any celebrities and what were their reactions?

The England Cricket team - ‘you messed with our minds!’

Jamie Oliver - ‘You blew my mind!’

Richard E Grant - ‘Sky you are the best magician I’ve ever encountered!’ 

Amitabh Bachan - ‘Mindblowing!’

Cary Fukunaga (New James Bond 007 Director) - 'I don’t know how you did that! That’s F***** magic!’ 

Sting and Trudie Styler - ‘That was really freaky!’

How can clients get the best out of a magician at an event?

Just trust them do what they do best and focus on having a great time!

What is the strangest magic trick you have ever performed?

I was performing a mentalism trick and asked a lady to think of a famous person. There was a piano in the room. I sat by the piano and played ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. She was of course thinking of Freddie Mercury!


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By Henry Fosdike