Q&A with Nikki from The Snow Sphere

April 30, 2019

Today we are very lucky to be joined by Nikki of The Show Globe, a completely unique act for events that include The Snow Sphere. We asked her a number of questions about her act to see how she came up with such a wonderful idea and talk a little bit about her time in events so far.
How did you come up with the idea for your act?

I had been performing as an acrobat in contemporary circus for 16 years prior to creating The Show Globe. The idea was totally one of those "necessity is the mother of invention" situations! Unfortunately I had a bad landing during a performance whilst on tour in Australia. The surgeries I later had to mend the damage I'd done, meant that acrobatics wasn't a wise choice for a continuing career. The Show Globe came from the depths of my imagination, I was looking for a structure I could have made that would physically support me if needed, that I could use to travel through events. I wanted to create magical worlds that people could interact with, to explore special effects mixed with characterisation, a real wow factor, something I hadn't yet seen done anywhere in the world. 

Did it take a long time to perfect?

The quick answer is yes! Everything about this act is custom built and had to be invented or adapted. from it's first imaginings to its first show was roughly 18 months.
How did you go about creating and designing the globe?

I worked with a very talented prop designer who is also friend of mine. He'd created a few crazy ideas for me in the past but this one was definitely the biggest and craziest! Luckily he is very talented and was also excited to see this concept come to life. We worked closely together to get the design right. I also work with a fabulous costumiers and a make up designer and wig mistresses from the film industry (Harry Potter no less!). I wanted these magical worlds to really be beautifully presented and high end.
What is the biggest event you have done?
There have been quite a few big ones actually, really varied as well! From the Blenheim Palace Flower Show to Glastonbury Festival to largest shopping mall in the world, The Dubai Mall.
Is this purely a seasonal act or is it popular all year round?
Our Snow Sphere act is obviously very popular at Christmas events in November and December. We have 3 beautiful themes currently with more on their way, which means we're kept busy at a whole host of different events all year round. Any event that is looking for a unique wow factor that can be seen in a crowd, we're the perfect choice. As it is the only one of its kind it the world, the public always react really positively to it, taking photos, posing for selfies with it, pressing the button on the front to trigger the different special effects. They love to discover it, it's always all over social media after events!
Are there any other themes that the globe can be used for?
Yes definitely, currently we can accommodate a winter wonderland theme with our Snow Sphere, a nautical theme with our Sea Sphere for boat shows and regattas, as well as any spring or summer floral theme with our Enchanted Flower Globe. With enough warning you can commission your own interior theme just for your event.
Is the globe more popular with adults or children?
It's actually really popular with both but in different ways. When children come across it, it is really wonderful to see their reactions of absolute wonder. They really buy into the magic of it and for them the snow queen, mermaid or flower nymph are real. They're transfixed and really hands on with the button and effects. With adults it's still amazement but there is more appreciation for the whole concept and the quality of the acts. They want to take pictures and work out how it moves! My husband is the technician and steward for the act but he blends into the crowd for the most part, so he hears the comments from the audience that I don't get to hear from inside performing. He hears some interesting theories on how it moves and who is controlling it, if ever anyone asks him directly though, his usual response is that it's specially trained hamsters inside. You have to preserve the magic!
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By Henry Fosdike