Putting the Pro in Proposal - Wedding Wednesday

June 15, 2016

We know, we know. It’s Wedding Wednesday. The vast majority of the people who read this blog or explore this site during Wedding Hour will no doubt already be engaged, so what is the point in putting together a blog of incredibly ornate proposals? Well… Who doesn’t love watching them? Indeed, it has long been an ambition of my own to create a TV programme where two people want to propose using the same theme – safari for instance. They then pick envelopes which decide on their budget. You might get £20,000 to put on the most incredible show or £100 to create a more intimate proposal. Rather than real lions, you’ll get cardboard cut outs created by the would-be groom and his friends. Until then, here are a few people putting the ‘pro’ into ‘proposal’.

60 Friends and Family Dance Behind a Moving Car

See, this is one of those that could be done with barely any money at all but looks incredible. A bunch of amateurs turned professional for Isaac Lamb, who wanted to propose to his girlfriend Amy with a meticulously crafted choreographed dance display. How they managed to rehearse is anybody’s guess but it truly shows what can be achieved when everyone comes together. Now if only you could find such a quiet road in this country…

A Proposal at the White House

 Okay, so this is basically professional in the sense that you want to pick a great venue in which to propose and… Well, how many people have proposed at the White House? Not many, we’d wager. With that in mind, it seems that US Marine Corps captain Matthew Phelps decided to make the most of his visit and propose to his boyfriend on the tiled floor. Why here? Some sense of patriotism, perhaps? Nope. “It was where we had our first date.” Just think about that for a second. A first date at the White House and now a proposal too? What a couple! To us it just seems a shame that they can’t get married there. Having said that, Hillary Clinton's brother did back in 1994 but we suspect that was more to do with the fact he could 'pull some strings'.

The Movie Trailer Proposal

If you’re a bit of a whizz on the filmmaking front then why not put together a film trailer with which to propose to your other half? That’s exactly what Matt Still did, convincing his soon-to-be brother-in-law to take Ginny to the cinema whilst Matt was ‘at work’. Whilst waiting for their film, a trailer comes on with voices that Ginny recognised and a plot of which Nicholas Sparks would be proud.

A Scrubs Proposal

Now this is certainly one that’s difficult to pull off unless you’re exceptionally well connected or work on one of the biggest sitcoms in US history. Yes, this is the famous Scrubs proposal. If you’re a fan, you’ll have seen it. If you’re not, you’ll enjoy seeing it again for sure. Essentially the actors in Scrubs performed a scene that wasn’t actually due for broadcast, allowing a man to propose to his girlfriend, who worked on the show at the time. Lovely.

And now the joke one…

The Chat Roulette Proposal

This isn’t a real proposal per se, but still shows some amazing creativity. For those that are unaware, Chat Roulette is a programme that matches two random people’s webcams together. They can type or talk to one another and when one person is bored, the chat ends. It’s sporadic, occasionally eye-opening in a bad way (unwanted nakedness is common) but also offers up the true potential of the platform. Here for instance, a man proposes to a girl he just met with a whole host of surprises and a really catchy tune.




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By Henry Fosdike