Portrait Artist: Russell Pollard

December 23, 2010

Cue up That Music again, it's the last portrait artist of 2010! Russell was kind enough to pop in to the office when he could probably have called in and said "train problems, see you in the new year" and then retired to bed for the day.

 Of course, the lure of the Sternberg Clarke Portrait Gallery is too much for even the stoutest portrait artist; they all succumb to the urge to have one of their pictures hung in the corner next to the stationary cupboard. Walk into any art college in London and you'll find aspiring scribblers murmuring "I just gots to get me in that Sternberg Clarke Gallery" clutching a dog eared picture of Charlotte that he/she has memorised thinking "One day... one day I will draw Charlotte Ward-Caddle"

And the temptation proved too much for Russell, dazzled by the bright lights of Wandsworth High Street and drunk on the possibility of seeing his name on this very blog he grasped the opportunity with both hands... well, one hand - the other hand was holding a pencil with which he took a stab at drawing Alice, Ben and Duncan.

Russell has a truly recognisable style of his own and really stands apart from your everyday caricaturist - transforming Duncan into a Saturday morning cartoon character and making Alice look as if she should be solving crimes with plenty of "sass" and "attitude". Russell's pleasantly chunky, playfully deformed sketches sent us right back to watching Nickelodeon in the early '90s, eating Opal Fruits and doing all that other stuff that comedians reminisce about on talking head shows.

We also got the chance to take a look at some of Russell's other work which is a little bit spectacular - it'd be a shame not to share it with our faithful readers so here, as a Christmas Present, is Russell's picture of A Man Having a Drink with a Fox.

Well that's probably it for the blog this year, we've had some good times haven't we? Haven't we? Haven't we?

 Merry Christmas, then - see you in the New Year!

 From Sternberg Clarke